I Speak

by Emmett Wheatfall

Released 2010
Peterson Entertainment, Llc
Released 2010
Peterson Entertainment, Llc
An intellectual, spiritual and political journey of art and philosophy from Spoken Word artist Emmett Wheatfall.
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Emmett is a talented writer and poet. His work examines life poetically. At times his topics are analogous and metaphoric. His expositions on life reveal an innate yearning to reveal the world as his imagination sees it. His poetry represents important works of art as well as thoughtful contemplation. He says, "I do not write poetry for self promotion; I write to appease the creative hunger raging within my soul."

“I speak.” What a powerful declaration. This recording of poems represents a formal declaration of his poetic musing. The poem “I Speak” sets the tone for the utterances that follow.

“O’ Ancient of Poets” pays homage in singular terms to all the great poets. Those of us who love poetry wait in anxious anticipation the reading of a sonnet written by a great poet from long ago.

“A Black Prince” is metaphoric and asks the reader to interpret its meaning. “The Queen” is a clever piece. “Give Me Rise” speaks loudly; contrary to its key word apathy. A powerful verse in the piece is “Is there no breath in the burden you bury?”

“Sensibilities” and “Kiss Me” are for the romantic. “Spring Is Here”, “There Stood I”, and “Reflections” are contemplative pieces. Included in such thoughts are “Winter Warnings!” and “The Little Paper Boat.”

“Not All Color Boys Can Sing” is a reflective piece. “My Face” is about self-examination. It acknowledges Blackness as beautiful. “When I’m Old” is about the end of life. What will be said and, was the life lived worth living?

This CD is a compilation of musings set in poetic form and verse. Enjoy the variety of settings and feel that these poetic pieces bring to you; the listener and lover of poetry.

All poems written by Emmett Wheatfall

Vocals: Emmett Wheatfall

Producer: Noah Peterson
Executive Producer: Emmett Wheatfall

Recorded at KBC Records
Engineer: Tanner Cundy
Mixed by: Noah Peterson, Tanner Cundy

Mastered at Nettleingham Audio by Kevin Nettleingham
Artwork: Marina Peterson

File under: Spoken Word, Poetry

All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2010 Peterson Entertainment, LLC