Wow indeed. So much has happened in the past two days.  Great developments with the loopfests.  Progress on a recording project.  Set-backs at the office due to weather and time conflicts.  A ton of progress made.  A ton of things happening.  Dealing with them has been great.  I've things pretty tight right now.  Backed up on paperwork a little. But that'll get done soon enough.  Other priorities.  Phil's video is doing well.  10 days, 700+ views.  We're pretty happy right now. Looking forward to inking some more deals.  The future is bright.  Today and this month I've been loving the music business.  

I feel good about my these new things coming out.  I think they're going to be better than ever.  I've got some great talent I'm collaborating with.  New music, new festivals.  I'm very excited about what's coming.  It's hard to contain it.

Today was an interesting day.  I got a little uncool with my dissatisfaction of how San Antonio handles it's bad weather.  Oy... That doesn't mean I was wrong.  At all.  Anyway, lots of good news today too.  Venues confirmed, new acts confirmed, new video shoot planned.  This is awesome.  I love it and I love the people I'm working with.