You know, sometimes it's just easier to put your thoughts down than it is to talk to someone.  And in the muisc biz, it's always hard to talk to someone.  Everyone is on the go, too much to do, too much undone, way behind, etc...  But even on the friend level it's very hard.  I work odd hours and odd times.  My closest friend these days is my semi-retired neighbor whose in his 60s.  And it's only because he's around during the day and we both like to work outdoors.  But it's not like we talk shop.  Even my wife, who is my best friend I can't really get everything in with.  She's at work all day and when she gets home she hits the domestic stuff, needs to unwind, has her own home projects to attend, she needs to blow some steam or let me know what happened during the day, I give her an update on the relevant biz and then it's cocktails, dinner and movie/internet and off to bed.   Mostly I'm at home alone all day.  Working quite a bit. Lots of internet work, some days a lot of phone calls, some days it's literally hundreds of emails, and endless computer work.  This is interspersed with home repair projects, yard work, domestic duties and being a good neighbor.  Usually some exercise in the form disc golf is in there, but not for the past 2 months.  :(  It's a little lonely, but I'm used to it.  The hard part is staying grounded and being able to have decent social interactions. Measuring progress is important too.  It's a long, slow grind you do mostly by yourself.  Most of my social interactions are on facebook or email.  Texting is usually biz or my wife.  You just burying yourself in it every day, all day trying to keep the bills paid, trying to get ahead, trying to do cool things, trying to make good music, trying to stay in contact with people.  That being said, there are some very, very cool moments.  Years ago, I was getting into all kinds of weird music because of my friend Zach Spiezer.  We'd hang out, listen to records for hours, make some recordings, jam, listen to more music, talk, eat.  It was awesome.  All my time with him I treasure.  Somehow I got it into my head we should do a record.  Looong story short - we did.  It's called Bump.  It's pretty funky.  One of things I did on that CD was bring in a couple of turn-tablists.  (Djs, scratchers)  One was a young Kenny Vanderberg AKA DJ FlipFlop.  He came and torn it up.  Not too long ago, Kenny got in touch with me.  Turns out DJ FlipFlop has kept up on his craft and is now at the top of his game.  He wins DJ competitions, tours with world-reknown talent and is, in general, a serious bad-ass DJ.  He just came in 8th at the DMC U.S. Finals.  This guy is on my record. MY record.  And he's cool.  When I get to see the success of people I know, people I have worked with, people I have done cool projects with; it's a beautiful thing.  I am stoked for his success, I am giddy that I have him on my record.  This is a cool moment.  Watching your colleagues kick some ass is awesome.  Congrats Kenny.  You're the man.