Can't believe it's the 13th already.  Been going full speed on a variety of projects and getting ahead, but feeling behind.  (That sounds kinda dirty...)  Anyway, the LoopFests are in full swing.  I can't believe the amount of international interest this year.  I blew it up last year with 4 stellar shows in the NW, but this year has me very excited NOW!   Got some superb talent coming in from all over and I've only been at it a week: Japan, Chile, Mexico, Sweden, France, Canada, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Las Vegas, Connecticut, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles...ridiculous.  I can't wait.  I'm just thrilled.  The locals are already hitting me up as well.  Now I just need to the the Texas fests going like those!

Did my first video with my San Antonio soul-brother Phillip Luna.  His new band, Please Help!, is in post-production on their debut release.  We did a shoot in downtown S.A. for a track called "What I'm Hoping."  Came out real nice for our first production.  Launched that baby today to get the buzz going. Pretty happy how that's all coming out as well.

Got my Gulf Coast tour pretty well filled up and a recording session lined up with my buddy Zach.  We've got a nice collaboration going and will be putting out our next bit of fun.  Looking forward to seeing what he does with the tracks when we're all done. 

Today was pretty crazy - booking venues for the loopfests, booking gigs, editing, lots of emails, confirming loopers, planning spring tours, phone calls, posting, posting, posting...even got my workout in this morning. What a lovely day.  Going to bed after a solid day of work.  Love it.