Well... that was intense.

Got rested up a little bit and didn't party very hard, so the long week with no sleep wasn't too bad.  Although I did prep it with a month of 7 days a week, day and night work, so I'm just grinding it out at this point.

Note to self:  Have a spare one-spot.  Larger venues require a crew.  Free stuff is good.  Move it back a week. 

From behind the board:  It's always rough mixing on the fly. It's even rougher in a strange room, on a strange board, and then there's the signal path and/or gear.  That being said.  I did work it out.  Eventually.  Some of the mixes are tough.   Things that are difficult to deal with: feedback in the loop, ring in the loop, distortion in the loop, gain staging.  I cannot stress enough the importance of gain staging.  Too little or too much was the order of the day.  The last knob on the last device is not the only output knob to be adjusted.  Oh yeah... I need a sound tech.

From the stage: gotta have a stage manager....just gotta. stage hand would help as well. 

Really, really want to live stream.  Just couldn't do that too this year.  

Buncha little things to be tightened up:  greeter, donations, prizes, email collection, promotion (although that was tight!), venues. artist advance, gear staging, load-in, load-out.  Needs to be more fun.  Focus on the gear.  Add some gear vendors. Sponsors.

Job well done though.  Big strides made, excellent performances.