Music at the San Antonio Airport (SAT) started last summer.  Several artists were selected and invited to test and develop the program.  Under the supervision of Matt Evans locations were tried out, logistics were figured out, and schedules were planned out.  Since then, the program has expanded to open auditions for new talent.  

The music program at SAT showcases local talent for guests flying in and out of San Antonio.   Several of the artists from the start of the program have regular locations and performance dates.  I am one of those artists.  

It's a pleasure and an honor to have been chosen to represent San Antonio for so many visitors.  Every Monday I bring all of my tech and spend 4 hours jamming out.  Every show is different. The vibe is different every time, the response varies constantly.  Tips and CD sales fluctuate wildly. If I see a musician hanging out and listening, I ask them to come up and jam.  I've had students jam with me, pros from South America that I couldn't speak with, people from across the U.S.  I try and have fun with it.  Whenever my boss comes out to check on me, he always takes a look around and sees people bobbing their heads, tapping toes and fingers, and babies (and sometimes grown-ups) dancing.  

It's a crazy gig.  It's not for everyone.  Logistics matter. You have to be on time.  You don't get paid right away.  Gotta haul gear.   You have to get through TSA.  Hint -be nice, talk to them.  You're going to see them a lot.  May as well be friendly.  Same thing with the workers in the stores. 

I get a lot of cell phone pics and vids taken.   I need to order some stickers.  I'm selling CDs there.  I need better signs.