Can't believe July is almost over...I feel like I'm behind on things. Web work, composing, recording, house repairs... it's never-ending.  On the other hand, I'm playing a ton of music.  My amusement park gig on Fri/Sat/Sun is pretty incredible.  I just sit in the sun for 5.5 hours working my loop station magic.  I pack as many tunes in as I possible can.  The time goes by rather quick when you're doing it like that.  Can't seem to break 75 tunes.  I keep trying hard though.  It's a fun thing to do!   I'm getting ideas for new songs, finally started working some brand new tunes in as well as getting some better ideas for more regular arrangements on the jams.   

I'm also getting a lot more funky stuff, the wah pedal is addicting.  Plus it's the environment.  20,000 plus walking by for such brief periods of time.  It's difficult to play the slow, longer developing songs.  I really want to hit them with something cool and upbeat.  It's a lot of work and the heat is mid 90s to low 100s everyday.  Come Monday I'm wiped out...which isn't good.  I have too much to do...tour planning!!!  Better get back to it.