So tomorrow is my final performance of a four day stretch at the National Elks Convention in San Antonio.   It's a 3 hour, background set in a the cafe area of a giant exposition hall.   I've greatly enjoyed making sound in that space.   It's been a very sensitive gig.  It's not a show or a showcase or a music thing. It's an hospitality thing.   This is a huge national conference with members from all over the U.S..  And I get to honk loops for lunch.  

Due to the variety of age range and nature of the group (are they talking, are they not talking, are they listening to the music, etc...) I decided to go through a variety of styles. So I jumped around the book quite a bit and kind of came up with a happy system for a set that seemed get the job done and still allow me to get a little off the page here and there.

I do a lot of band shows with monitors or earbuds.     This one I monitor off my mains which are close, but I'm still behind them.    I jump out front once in a while to check it and make adjustments.   Don't wanna be too loud, but sometimes let it boom.  

I've felt stale for awhile in some ways.  But it's been a crazy bit of time recently in my life.  And I've really enjoyed this gig.