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Back to the grind!   New videos, new releases, and more.  Now that I've literally come to "the end of the road" things have changed.  The office is redone, reorganized, and set-up to rock and roll.  I literally finished it yesterday.  I threw out years of stuff - booking resources, redundant sheet music, contact cards, promo info... It's nice to clear some shelf space and get focused.    Of course, there was that disruption of Hurricane Harvey which set things back a week or so, but it was only a delay and nothing of consequence here in San Antonio.  That being said...

Dr. Wax & Sax: A new collaboration between me and DJ Law, the turntable Jedi himself.  We've got a brand, spanking new release out called "Electrostatic" - you can buy the downloads at CD Baby by clicking here.  This is a live jam with DJ Law scratching the turntables and me on sax with looping and sampled electronics.  It's simply delicious.   We've also got our first video up on Youtube - Hit Me.  And you can stream the entire recording, Electrostatic, over and over on Spotify.

GrooveTronX: You'll notice we dropped the hyphen.  Can't really have that in our new web url - TWe're settling on calling ourselves nujazz, that seems to be the correct genre for us amongs all the hip kids.  And our residency dates at Halcyon are all published.  2nd and 4th Thursdays, 9 to 11pm, free shows for all the party people that want to get down with some livetronica-chill-grooves.  And we have a new video out -  it's set to a recording from a live show: The Ride - check it out for good jams and hot babes dancing.

Noah Peterson: I've got some winery work coming up in the next few weeks.  If you know me, you know how much I love that!  I'm also pretty excited about the new show I'm rolling - I Sing the Sax Electric. Here's a video from the NW LoopFest.  

O.M.N.I.  The third release is coming along.  I got a handful of rough mixes from Zach, but we're nowhere near done.  In the meantime, please check out our video "Captain Function Vs. the Brainwashed Hubron Elbards." Tune into the CDBaby Page for the narrative in the Space Adventures of Captain Funktion. Here's the Spotify link for the Newly released 2nd album O.M.N.I on Spotify.   

West Kings Highway: We've been sidelined for the past two weeks because of weather, so we're trying to get back on the horse this Friday night at Whiskey Business at the Witte Museum, and the rest of the month has us back at Sancho's for our usual Friday Night Fiesta!

Widespead Noise: It's all about the new. Widespread Noise is a noise/ambient/avant garde studio project that features technology and non-mainstream music.  The first recording is in the works - but there's a brand new video up to get your ears accustomed to what's coming, please check out "Gongs in Space" on youtube.  This is an open, collaborative project that isn't going to have a defined sound. You can even check out theFacebook page for gear reviews.


Widespread Noise - "Gongs in Space"

Dr. Wax & Sax - "Hit Me"

Luthor Maggot at the 2017 NW LoopFest

Twenty Three Suns at the 2017 NW LoopFest

Psychics "Blue Sharp"

Stargasm at the 2017 NW LoopFest

Noah Peterson I Sing the Sax Electric from the 2017 NW LoopFest

Noah Peterson "Poortown Scrub" from the 2017 NW LoopFest

Psychics: Who We Are Where We Are

Psychics: Super Unfast

Psychics: God's Great Grace

Psychics: Chicks Dig Spaceships

Psychics: Phil's Dead

Psychics: Boy Pleases Girl

Psychics: Bogobo

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LOOPFESTS: The NW LoopFest has come and gone.  Many thanks to my artists and sponsors.  Videos of the first few artists are up and more coming!

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  • Friday nights, 7-9pm, at Sancho’s Cantina with West Kings Highway - 801 Jackson St in San Antonio, TX
  • First Fridays, 8-11pm, at Southtown 101 with West Kings Highway - 101 Pereida St in San Antonio, TX
  • 2nd and 4th Thursdays at Halcyon with GrooveTron-X - 1414 S. Alamo in San Antonio, TX


Top streamed tracks on Spotify according to CD Baby for the month: Looks like O.M.N.I's reign of the top 5 was brief.  Ambient Space Sounds takes back it's customary spot on top with Ethan's Blues pooping in at number 3.  

This month's most watched Youtube videos. This has been a wacky month. The usual suspects are getting clobbered by new videos, which is unusual for my channel. Dr. Wax and Sax, in a week, slides into number 1.  I Sing the Sax Electric debuts at number 2. The Boomerang Factory tour hangs on to a top 5 spot depsite being 2 years old and not even owned by Mike Nelson anymore...Luthor Maggot debutes at number 3 showing us that ambient music is more popular than anyone thinks it is - and you should have heard the into to his set...hilarious. And a shocking 5th place showing from Psychics with Bogobo...I actually can't believe it.   

Time for a disclaimer.  The top watched videos for the month this isn't always exact.  Two reasons: 1. it ain't always the end of the month when I put this out.  So I base it on the last 30 days.  2.  It takes Youtube two days to count videos, verifiy watches, and "post them" in the analytic count for new videos. This generally never matters - except for the video ofGrooveTronX "The Ride" live at Sanchos.  Which was posted last night and currently has enough views to put it at number three although it's technically not even in the chart listing.  Can't wait to see what this looks like next month.  Click some videos and enjoy!

  1. Dr. Wax and Sax - Hit Me
  2. Noah Peterson - I Sing the Sax Electric
  3. Luthor Maggot at the 2017 NW LoopFest
  4. Boomerang Factory Tour  
  5. Psychics -Bogobo
SHOWS: Grab yer calendars and dancing shoes! 
Fri Sep 01, 10pm
West Kings Highway @ the Witte Museum for “Whiskey Business”
San Antonio, TX

Fri Sep 08, 7pm
West Kings Highway Friday Night Residency
Sancho’s Cantina
628 Jackson Street, San Antonio, TX

Sat Sep 09, 1pm
Solo Sax Sessions at Bending Branch Winery
142 Linder Branch Rd, Comfort, TX

Thurs, Sep 14, 9pm
GrooveTron-X @ Halcyon
1414 S Alamo, San Antonio, TX

Fri, Sep 15, 7pm
West Kings Highway Friday Night Residency
Sancho’s Cantina
628 Jackson Street, San Antonio, TX

Fri, Sep 22, 7pm
West Kings Highway Friday Night Residency
Sancho’s Cantina
628 Jackson Street, San Antonio, TX

Thur, Sep 28, 9pm
GrooveTron-X @ Halcyon
1414 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX

Fri, Sep 29, 7pm
West Kings Highway Friday Night Residency
Sancho’s Cantina
628 Jackson Street, San Antonio, TX

Sun, Oct 1st, afternoon
Arneson River Theater
Acts TBA

Fri, Oct 06
First Friday with West Kings Highway
Southtown 101
101 Pereida Street, San Antonio, TX