The end of the year is almost here.   It's been winding down nicely.    I'd have to say I think 2018 is the year things really came together in a lot of ways for me.  

It's my first real year not being on the road.   My out-of-town gigs were minimal and almost no over-nighters.  That's a pretty big life change.   Time is used very differently.  I cranked out a lot of audio and video content for the digital world.  That was pretty awesome.  Got a few items picked up by some playlists and that was pretty awesome.  

Production services for events were way up.  The best I've ever done on a year.  Stage head, stage manager, site manager, sound, lights, event production, talent buying, running crews, setting up stages, marketing, promotions: all way up in 2018.  Very happy about that.  Might have even found some new work sources and found some great new crew members.  

West Kings Highway is really blossoming into a very nice musical unit.   5 guys who play a lot together, listen, and really care about what they're doing.  It's great.  Our shows the past 6 months have all been great.  Something pretty sweet about Texas music.  I never think about it like that when I'm doing it, but when I hear it...  I think me not going away for several months out of the year has helped the band gel.  We went from juggling subs a lot to turning down gigs because not all us could do it.  I'd still like to be working with that band more.  

GrooveTronX... what a weird, wacky bit of fun that is.  I like the lights.  I think it's time for something new in it though.  I think the two projects with me and Johnny, as well as some side recording stuff has really helped in our musical relationship.  Johnny is an endlessly creative guy and very interesting and open and fun to work with.  I'd still like to land a weekly with this somewhere so we could really push it creatively.  

Jazz....2018 is year I got back in to jazz.  Kinda.  Barely.  Ok... a tried it a few times.  I think that all started last year with my invite to Holiday Saxophones at the Guadalupe Theatre.  I like saying that.  I still feel tremendously honored to have been included in that.  That's legit San Antonio musical acceptance.  I knew some of the guys there, that helped a lot.  All of the guys there know Johnny's dad and uncle so I had no problems talking with folks, the other players were very good.  It was impressive.  I had a blast.  I think that got me noticed by people outside my usual circles.  I did a couple of jazz nights at Franks while I was booking there before they were shut down.  I landed a couple of private gigs via some online booking services.  Pitched my services a few times for jazz.  Landed some jazz gigs at Tony G's, plus doing the GrooveTronX thing...picked up a few more private gigs.  Talked to a venue about doing some gigs...I dunno.  We'll see.  I want to do soul jazz.  

My part-time day job became a lot more demanding of my time.  Instead of my usual summer off, I spent most of it at the office.  And things were busy with event pre-production and execution amid a lot of gigs, recordings, video production, and other business.  I did gigs during Fiesta this year.  Balancing the King William biz, gigs, event work, and King William media appearances was doable.  But it was draining.  Fiesta is going to be a week longer this year.  Yikes.  I'm going to literally be training for it.  It's gonna be awesome. 

My personal life took a new direction on as well.  Not being on the road meant I got a lot more time with the wife, at the house, in my office.  I'm learning how to take time for all of that, including taking better care of myself.  That's all been new and nice.  But that doesn't mean long hours never happen.  They happen all the time. But now, so does some time off.  I'm keeping on top of things, but there's a lot of old, data-heavy projects in various forms of completion that haven't been nudged along in a few months...  

The airport gig.  This is a fun new development in my life.  Love this gig.  It's hard, it's fun, it's challenging.  The vibe is different every day.  It really makes me dig deep inside.  And I've met some very interesting people.