I can't believe it's been a month since my last post...so much has happened. 

Just got back from Portland.  Jim Miller's memorial service.  A tough and emotional day.  What a great man.  I don't have the words to really sum it all up.  Quite a lovely outpouring from his friends. 

Since this wasn't a performing trip, I got a ton of visits in.  Literally stacked back to back.  Old friends, music compatriots, band-mates, neighbors, all of it.  What a beautiful visit.  I know some really cool folks.  I enjoyed them all.  What a great time.  I wish I had more time to see them all.  So much success, so much adventure.  Their lives are all full.  I was more than a little worked up emotionally so there was some extra sweetness in it for me.  Back home so soon and out on the road again in a week to Ohio for the 17th Annual Pro Music Festival at Tiffin University. 

I'll try and get some recaps of other things in the next week.  Got a ton of projects finished and should be able to actually do it!

Until then - RIP Jim.  You are missed.