Waiting is not something I enjoy.  I'm a doer.  I get stuff done.    Twiddling my thumbs is not something I do well.  I'm pretty much always busy, but things are a bit much right now. 

I took on some major house repair and I grossly underestimated the time this project was going to take.  I'm over a month into it and still not done.  I've had about 2 and half weeks of rain delay.  I'm going on tour next week.  I still need to do some repairs to my car.  I've got a massive amount of promotion to do and I'm under-booked on gigs for the tour.  

This is not the most joyous of times for me.  I'm sure it'll all be fine in the end, but I'm pretty stressed.  Trying to squeeze a recording project out before I hit the road as well.  Communication on that line is pretty much one way and it's not the way I like it.  I'm caught in a web of other people's timelines.   I don't really care for that either but that's the nature of the beast.   Had two gigs get cancelled on Sunday - that hurt $$$ wise, but I had a good weekend of gigs so I didn't totally lose my ass.  And the gigs were pretty rocking, that was a lot of fun.  

I can't really complain, I'm still doing music - but it's just hard to see a lot of time and effort go nowhere. This is going to be a tough trip.