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Last month I said it was back to the grind - and grind is what happened. Many new videos, new releases, web-updates and more - here's the highlights. But before any of that!!!!  

DOWNTOWN LOCAL SOUNDS - a new concert series for locals and visitors to the great city of San Antonio, TX.  This Sunday afternoon concert series presents the finest bands of San Antonio.  It's family friendly, all ages, FREE, and presents music that represents the spirit and sound of our town. Food, beverages, and music are available at the Arneson River Theatre at historic La Villita on the downtown Riverwalk, the number one tourist destination in the state of Texas.  Come down for local culture and the beauty of La Villita to some tasty, local cuisine and enjoy the sounds of your town.  Oct 1st, 2-6pm, FREE Arneson Theatre, La Villita in San Antonio.

Dr. Wax & Sax: The collaboration between me and DJ Law and our debut realase "Electrostatic" available for download at CD Baby. This is a live album! We've got new videos up: All The Good Things and Gimmie Some More. You can stream Electrostatic, over and over on Spotify.  And Dr. Wax himself, aka DJ Law, has a new single out - House This Sucka

GrooveTronX: The website has been flushed out a little: And the Bandcamp page is up. Our residency dates at Halcyon are all published.  2nd and 4th Thursdays, 9 to 11pm, free shows for all the people that want to get down with some livetronica-chill-grooves.  New videos: Saturday NightTap Dance, and Sea Shell - all set to some fun dance videos. And you can stream "Bright Lights Big City" on Spotify.

Noah Peterson: I've got a couple shows with "i sing the sax electric" including this Friday, Sept 29th at Dorcal Distillery and Oct 7th at Bending Branch Winery.  Here's a new video off Sax-a-Loop-a-Liscious: Ain't Nuthing But a Dog.   

O.M.N.I.  The third release is still under production.  But we did get a sweet house remix done by Mike13 for Captain Funktion which was released in the United Kingdom on Revolucion Records.  Here's the Spotify link for the 2nd album O.M.N.I.   

West Kings Highway: We're back on the horse and making efforts to tighten things up, get some new covers worked into the set and we're going to do our first Fiesta Medal!  We figured since there's never any open tables on the roof and we're getting a lot of people taking video that we should raise the bar for ourselves.  We're looking forward to a lot of new things for near future.

Widespead Noise: Widespread Noise is a noise/ambient/avant garde studio project that features technology and non-mainstream music.  The first recording is going to be available soon - please check out "Gongs in Space" on youtube.   You can even visit the Facebook page for gear reviews - and some new reviews are posted!  

The Other Guys:  In other Peterson Entertainment, Llc related news: River Barons has just release their 2nd EP - Victims and Villains (here on Spotify),Irie Impressions "Pai" has a new video up, as does The Reverend Evan Hadley for "Superstar," Miles Ahead has two new ones with "It's a Bossa Thing" and Miles Ahead "North of Memphis," and don't miss La Chichada - Arachnophobia for a creepy-crawly spider video.  New Videos from the NW LoopFest are up as well!

NEW VIDEOS:  Remember when I said videos are coming?

Dr. Wax & Sax - Gimmie Some More

Saundra's Electric Nightlife at the 2017 NW LoopFest

Luna - Dance Groove #6 from Commercial

Nathan North at the 2017 NW LoopFest

The Reverend Evan Hadley "Superstar"

Noah Peterson - Ain't Nuthing But a Dog

GrooveTronX - Sea Shell

La Chichada - Arachnophobia

GrooveTronX - Tap Dance

Dr. Wax & Sax "All The Good Things"

Irie Impressions "Pai"

Miles Ahead "It's a Bossa Thing"

Luna "Wave Machine" from Commercial

GrooveTronX Saturday Night - Live at Sanchos

Miles Ahead "North of Memphis"

The Please Help - This Universe Is Ours

Waffle Taco at the NW LoopFest

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LOOPFESTS: The NW LoopFest has come and gone.  Many thanks to my artists and sponsors.  Videos are up and more coming!

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  • Friday nights, 7-9pm, at Sancho’s Cantina with West Kings Highway - 801 Jackson St in San Antonio, TX
  • First Fridays, 8-11pm, at Southtown 101 with West Kings Highway - 101 Pereida St in San Antonio, TX
  • 2nd and 4th Thursdays at Halcyon with GrooveTronX - 1414 S. Alamo in San Antonio, TX


Top streamed tracks on Spotify according to CDBaby for the month: Ambient Space Sounds reclaims it's throne with all 5 top spots.  

This month's most watched Youtube videos. I think things have finally changed for the youtube channel - no more do the old war horses rule (although a couple are in the top 10). Subscribers are up and the new videos are getting watched.   

  1. GrooveTronX - Tap Dance - with 2X as many views as our 2nd place video, this new arrival features fun dancing.
  2. The Reverend Evan Hadley "Superstar" - this blast from the past features a lovely young lady in a bikini with a selfie stick.  Kinda not a big surprise it's getting watched.  And yes, it was a cheap tactic to get views. Although it does thematically fit the lyrics, kinda. 
  3. Noah Peterson - Ain't Nuthing But a Dog - always nice to see puppies and doggies!  This is a wholesome, family friendly video - not like #2 at all. You should watch it, and sing along.  
  4. GrooveTronX Saturday Night - Live at Sanchos - GrooveTronX grabs another spot with a dancing video.  These are actually pretty good.
  5. GrooveTronX "The Ride" - last month, this "technically" didn't get to place, but had enough views to land the #3 spot.  It hangs on to #5.  GrooveTronX has ruled the video charts for September!
SHOWS: Grab yer calendars and dancing shoes! 
Sep 28 GrooveTron-X, 9pm
1414 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX    
Sep 29 West Kings Highway Friday Night Residency, 7pm
Sanchos Cantina
628 Jackson St., San Antonio, TX      

Sep 29 i sing the sax electric, 10pm
Dorcal Distillery
1902 S. Flores, San Antonio, TX      

Oct 01 Downtown Local Sounds, 2-6pm
The Josh Glenn Experiement, The Ghost Tracks, West King Highway
Arneson River Theatre at La Villita, San Antonio TX      

Oct 06 First Friday with West Kings Highway, 7pm
Sanchos Cantina
628 Jackson St., San Antonio, TX      

Oct 07 Solo Sax Sessions, 1pm
Bending Branch Winery
142 Linder Branch Rd, Comfort, TX      

Oct 12 GrooveTronX, 9pm
1414 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX      

Oct 13 West Kings Highway Friday Night Residency, 7pm
Sanchos Cantina
628 Jackson St., San Antonio, TX      

Oct 20 West Kings Highway Friday Night Residency, 7pm
Sanchos Cantina
628 Jackson St., San Antonio, TX      

Oct 26 GrooveTronX, 9pm
1414 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX      

Oct 27 West Kings Highway Friday Night Residency, 7pm
Sanchos Cantina
628 Jackson St., San Antonio, TX      
Nov 03 First Friday with West Kings Highway
Southtown 101
101 Pereida, San Antonio, TX

Nov 04 Solo Sax Sessions, 2pm
Kerrville Hills Winery
3600 Fredericksburg Rd., Kerrville, TX      

Nov 04 GrooveTronX, 9pm
103 W. Grayson, St. San Antonio, TX