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Picked up up some production and sound gigs for November including Mission Marquee's Dia de los Muertos this Saturday, Luminaria on Nov 9 and 10th and a couple of fancy private shows in Austin where I get to jam with DJ Alfa Leone.  In other news, I'll be co-chairing the entertainment committee for Texas Festival and Events Association's upcoming 2020 conference in San Antonio as well as serving on the Opening Night committee.  But that pales in comparison to what happens next.  The San Antonio River Walk Association's Ford Holiday River Parade's Grand Marshall is Billy Gibbons, lead singer and guitarist for ZZ Top.  I get to be his handler for this.  I don't have many rock heros, but this guy is top of list.  Greatly looking forward to hanging out with him. Come out and jam with GrooveTronX for First Friday at Southtown 101 - 7 to 10pm. And I've got a brand new live EP out called "Keep It Cool" from my airport sessions.  Check it out and get down!

Last month's recap:  October in Texas is a beautiful thing.  It's officially festival season and summer actually ended, although I'm not very happy about that.  GrooveTronX is back in the swing of things, although we haven't landed a new residency yet.  Southtown the Arts District's annual "A Day in Southtown" was a smashing success and my Solo Sax Sessions was literally rattling the roof. Big system, fun crowd, and the beats were bomb!   Zach Spiezer of O.M.N.I. fame dropped in for a brief visit on his grand adventure to Cali from Brooklyn and Jean-Pierre and the Zydeco Angels TORE IT UP at Riley's Tavern in Hunter, Texas!  It was great to get back together with the boys and get down New Orlean's style!  

And then Muertos Fest happened...  we walked 20 to 25 miles a day for marking, set-up, and load-in.  And then things really heated up once the celebration kicked off. Over 100,000 people showed up from all over the U.S. to party in San Antonio and honor their loved ones.  My crew performed beyond expectation, the event was HUGE in size and attendance. It was magical.  But it was physical and taxing, on site at 5am heading home at 1am. 4 days of non-stop physical work, miles and miles of walking, and no sleep. Felt like I was back in the Marines for a minute... I ran my boys (and girls) hard and they responded like pros. I'm so proud of them.  I'm very happy to be a crucial part of this event.  It's one of the best Muertos Festivals in the World (USA Today), the 2nd best Muertos Festival in the US (, it's the largest Muertos celebration in the U.S., and National Geographic called it one of the best fall festivals in the U.S.  

GrooveTronX: "Don't Stop" is out.  These are extended live tracks and they are fire.  And we've even got a cheesy fire video for one of the tracks!  Come see us at Southtown 101 for First Friday! "Somebody Stand Up and Scream."  Facebook  Spotify  

Noah Peterson Solo Sax Sessions every third Friday at Sanchos from 7 to 9pm.  Jazz gigs are happening, although they are private. Airport residency is now 2 Mondays a month.  BRAND NEW RELEASE  Keep It Cool.  Facebook  Spotify

O.M.N.I.: All's quiet with O.M.N.I., new album is slowly getting done.  But 30 tracks ain't easy to get knocked out.  Facebook   Spotify

River Barons: Facebook  Spotify

Widespread Noise: "Concrete" on Spotify.   Facebook  Spotify

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  • 3rd Fridays at Sanchos Cantina with the Solo Sax Sessions - 801 Jackson St. in San Antonio, TX
  • 1st and 3rd Mondays at the San Antonio Airport with the Solo Sax Sessions.

Top Ten tracks on Spotify: With over 30,000 streams in October, here's the Top Ten.

  1. The Ballad of Daniel Proud - River Barons
  2. Baggage - River Barons
  3. Dolly - River Barons
  4. Ethan's Blues - Noah Peterson: Solo Sax Sessions
  5. Pulsar - Noah Peterson: Ambient Space Sounds
  6. Bad Mother - Noah Peterson: Solo Sax Sessions
  7. Elegant Space Noise - Noah Peterson: Ambient Space Sounds
  8. Biscuits and Gravy - Noah Peterson: Sax-a-Loop-a-Liscious
  9. Pulsar (with Chatter) - Noah Peterson: Ambient Space Sounds
  10. Deep Space - Noah Peterson: Ambient Space Sounds

Top Ten Videos on Youtube: A few of the usual suspects remain in the Top Ten, but lots of shifting around. It's nice to watch the numbers climb!

  1. La Chichada - Rose in Your Mouth
  2. Los #3 Dinners - Take a Walk on the Wild Side
  3. Dr. Wax & Sax - Coming In Hot
  4. I Just Can't Believe It - Noah Peterson & Emmett Wheatfall
  5. Spiritus - Cosmic Dust
  6. Jean-Pierre and the Zydeco Angels "Zydeco Party"
  7. Dr. Wax & Sax - All the Good Things
  8. GrooveTronX - Tap Dance
  9. Boomerang Factory Tour
  10. Dr. Wax & Sax - Hit Me

Shows - Grab yer calendars and dancin' shoes! 

GrooveTronX - First Friday
Fri, Nov 1, 7-10pm
Southtown 101
101 Pereida, San Antonio,TX

Noah Peterson Soul-Tet - Pvt Event
Sat, Nov 2
Schertz, TX

Noah Peterson – Solo Sax Sessions
Mon, Nov 4, 12-4pm
San Antonio International Airport 

Noah Peterson – with DJ Alfa Leone
Fri, Nov 8 
Austin, TX

Noah Peterson – Solo Sax Sessions
Fri, Nov 15, 7-9pmpm
Sanchos Cantina, 
628 Jackson St, San Antonio, TX

Noah Peterson – Solo Sax Sessions
Mon, Nov 18, 12-4pm
San Antonio International Airport