For the past few years, I've felt like I've grown "stale." I'm sure most of you who have been doing this for a while know what I'm talking about. It's tough to feel like you're producing something new and interesting sometimes. Although when I record and listen back to some of the good ol' "moldy oldies" I'm usually pleased with how not old and stale it is. It usually sounds pretty tight and fresh. So that helps with performance. But it doesn't satisfy. 

To help with this, rather than delve into some method which involves pushing myself into new spaces or disciplining my self to a regimen which forces me to create, I've chosen to collaborate. Kinda the lazy way to do it, but kinda the better way as well. After all, somebody else and their influence is gonna pull a lot more outta me than I'm ever gonna pull outta myself. And I've got a handful of fun and creative bandmates who are more than happy to get down and get ridiculous. And that helps tremendously. 

For the first of these, I brought in my bandmate from West Kings Highway (70s covers and original band - Matt Wolff. He brought over an electronic drum kit and just wanted to jam. I'm like - okay but I'm gonna record it, I've got a couple of things I want to try and let's just see where things go. So....we plugged in and out popped this little gem. 

"A Little Bit of Noise, A Little Bit of Funk."