When I started doing this, i had every intention of it being a most regular thing.  A "revealing look" inside if you will.  Well, schedules and life being what it is, regular is a difficult thing.  And my wife isn't too fond of the personal stuff being out in the world.  She's right about that, but what are you as an artist if you don't reveal yourself?  Isn't one's work made more valuable be the personal motivations, the things going on in one's life that affect inspiration and thought concentrations?  We are humans.  We are complex beings affect by myriad emotions and experiences.  We can also set these things somewhat aside.  But as an artist, these things affect how we create or practice our craft. 

I've had a bit of a slow holiday season.  Some cancellations and cutbacks and a lot of time spent on other things have left an open calendar.  I'm beginning to see how to work my schedule now though.  And there's a lot of label stuff to do.  I've been doing a ton of video from the loopfest.  Although I really cannot be doing some much of it "after=the-fact."  It's a pretty intense amount of work.  I've picked up some more records and am kicking out a lot of new releases between now and spring.  It's a pretty cool. 

I'm pretty caught up on things in the office.  I haven't jumped into a new big project yet and have been doing a lot of house stuff and fiddling with some ideas of tech, music, etc...  just housekeeping stuff.  It's been eating up time and giving me time to think whilst still being productive.  And the house is cleaner!  Still haven't started exercising again although my shoulder is fully healed up.  I'm thinking 2014 is a fine time to start up again. 

As I've been reflecting on the holiday season and my year.  I did have some things I wanted to say.  The very first is Thank you.  To all of my friends, family and fans.  To my loved ones, to the people who came to hear my play, the venues that hired me, those who you purchased my music, those who streamed my songs and those who have watched my videos.  THANK YOU.  To those who let me stay at their homes, to those we met up with for dinner, drinks, meetings, concerts. THANK YOU.  To those who participated in all my projects THANK YOU.  To those I'm in business with and the music we've made together and the music we are promoting together THANK YOU.  To those who have included me in their projects THANK YOU. This has been a great year for me and my company.

I've really been expanding the label, adding records, working with more people and making great music.  It's been an amazing ride.  Merry Christmas everyone, I hope your 2014 is blessed and filled with good health, happiness and prosperity.