Wow...a brutal end to 2013.  I hurt my shoulder working on my house so I stopped my exercising for the last couple of months, I had a very intense fall tour, I lost a much loved colleague and friend, I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic, I didn't have much work for the holiday season, it was too cold to work on the house and I got a nasty cold over Christmas that put me in bed for 3 days.  I am thankful 2013 is GONE, GONE, GONE!

2014 started with a fantastic college bowl season, I started back on my exercise program, got my diet figured out a little better for my new "condition," made some nice contacts for new gigs in town, getting my first tour of the year rocking and rolling, got some new, old records signed to the label, started getting the loopfest plans rocking, even got some house repairs in and cut my hair!  It's amazing the power of imagery.  Just having a fresh haircut puts a little pride in one's step and a fire in the belly.  I'm rested up, rejuvenated and full of music.  Already written a half-dozen new grooves for the loop station show and getting ready for the first recording of 2014.  2014 is all about getting ahead.  It's going to be a lot like 2013 as I'm still the newbie in a new town, but I'm making headway.  I'll get my band going and advance all of my projects.  MUCH to be done and I'm looking forward to doing it.