Things are coming along nicely.  Got some Starbucks and some internet finally!  First day was a monster.  Up at 4:30am, in bed at 3:30am.  1100 Miles driven and a stop in Mobile, Alabama for some BBQ and a show at The Shedd BQQ and Blues Joint.  I sure do love that southern BBQ, slathered in sauce, spicy, sweet and yummy.  The Texas rub (what they call BBQ) is okay, but I got to have me some sauce.  That's what it's all about. 

Spent the 4th at my brother's place in Jacksonville, FL.  Did some yard work, played in the pool with the kiddies, did a little grillin' and fireworks in the rain.  Of course, since I didn't have much sleep I was ready for an early bedtime.  Got down the road a little towards Orlando today and looking forward to the show tonight.

As I was hanging out poolside, my bro and were napping and just watching the kids; talking a little about life, family stuff, jobs, etc...  it was a great time.  Sure do love my family.  Get to see an old Marine buddy tomorrow.  Spending my "spare" time working on the website.  No disc golf this trip. :(