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And boom - January is gone. What a big, crazy month! Change was in the air.  Feels like things are coming along nicely though.  Getting 25K streams per month on Spotify.  Sat in twice with the Shaun Peace Band when they came through San Antonio. And a few new videos and tracks got cranked out as well. my next Big event is Feb 10th at the Arneson Theatre at the Riverwalk.  Peterson Entertainment is doing the production for the San Antonio Riverwalk's Mardis Gras event.  We're thrilled to be back: featured bands are The Jim Cullum Jazz Band, The Crooked Vines from New Orleans, and Hector Ward and the Big Time.  Show starts at 1pm.  Free, bring the kiddies - it's gonna be awesome. Rio Parade at 4:15, food trucks, beverages, DJ.

Acqua Sacra: A brand new project featuring Franceso Perdona.  Just some sax and voice (mostly in Italian) for a moody and artsy lyrical experience. Acqua Sacra - anima sete on Spotify, the first video Dioniso Morto is on youtube.

Cosmic Dust has their third and final album "The Dust Also Rises" streaming on Spotify.

DJ Law: DJ Laws's Spotify playlist.

Emmett Wheatfall: For the MLK Jr. Holiday, I released a special video from the recording, "Them Poetry Blues."  It's a powerfull tribute to civil righs figures. The track is called "Miles to Go" and features Portland musicians Carlton Jackson, "King" Louis Pain, Jim Miller, and Peter Damman. You can view it on Youtube here.

GrooveTronX: Our residency for the year is at Halcyon, 1414 S. Alamo.  2nd and 4th Thursdays, 9pm.  Third Fridays, 10pm.  You can stream us onSpotify here.

Noah Peterson: StreetJelly broadcasts: follow the FB page for notices. It's been fun picking up some gun-for-hire gigs, jazz gigs, and even retirement homes! Mostly working on the other bands and stuff.

O.M.N.I. has release the third episode in the epic space adventures of Capt. Funktion. New characters Laniru and Andar reveal more about the mysterious Capt Funktion.  The first video is Emerald Caribbean Sea.  This album has a lot of guest artists, some vocals, and is a step back from the electrodub focus although it's got that O.M.N.I. feel we love so much.  

West Kings Highway: Buy our first Fiesta Medal at Shows on Friday nights - First Friday at Southtown 101, other Fridays at Sanchos. 

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  • Fridays, 7-9pm, at Sancho’s Cantina with West Kings Highway - 801 Jackson St in San Antonio, TX
  • First Fridays, 8-11pm, at Southtown 101 with West Kings Highway - 101 Pereida St in San Antonio, TX
  • 2nd and 4th Thursdays 9pm at Halcyon with GrooveTronX - 1414 S. Alamo in San Antonio, TX
  • Third Fridays 10pm Halcyon with GrooveTronX - 1414 S. Alamo in San Antonio, TX

Top streamed tracks on Spotify according to CDBaby for the month: And the River Barons claim all 5 spots again although the order did change.

This month's most watched Youtube videos. Subscribers keep signing on and the race for number one keeps changing leaders - here's your winners for the month!

  1. Emmett Wheatfall - Miles to Go A poetry and blues tribute to civil rights leaders.
  2. The Reverend Evan Hadley shows up in second place with his slow-jam The Last Thing on My Mind
  3. Dr. Wax and Sax keep it groovy with Coming in Hot off ofElectrostatic.
  4. Widespread Noise joins in the tio five fun with Funk Warp.
  5. La Chichada's "Jo Jo Dancer" grabs the 5th spot.
SHOWS: Grab yer calendars and dancing shoes!
Fri, Feb 7th, 7pm
West Kings Highway - Private Event
San Antonio, TX
Thur, Feb 8th, 9pm
GrooveTronX @ Halcyon
1414 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX
Fri, Feb 9th, 7pm
West Kings Highway @ Sanchos
628 Jackson Street, San Antonio, TX
Sat, Feb 10th, 1pm
Mardis Gras at Arneson Theatre
La Villita, San Antonio, TX
Wed, Feb 14th, 11:30am
Noah Peterson Solo Sax Sessions - Private Event 
San Antonio, TX
Fri, Feb 16th, 7pm
West Kings Highway @ Sanchos
628 Jackson Street, San Antonio, TX
Fri, Feb 16th, 9pm
GrooveTronX @ Halcyon
1414 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX
Thur, Feb 22nd, 9pm
GrooveTronX @ Halcyon
1414 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX
Fri, Feb 23rd, 7pm
West Kings Highway @ Sanchos
628 Jackson Street, San Antonio, TX