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It's hard to believe, but we're already a month into 2017.  Things are rolling along with The Plaza Club - we start our first events this month and have March and April filled with all sorts of musical good stuff. 

But wait, there's more!  The Paseo Del Rio aka The San Antonio Riverwalk Association - yes THAT Riverwalk - aka the number one tourist attraction in the state of Texas has brought on Peterson Entertainment, Llc to help out with a couple of events.  Our first event with them is the Paseo Del Rio Mardis Gras.

February 25th at the Arneson River Ampitheatre at La Villita will be the site for San Antonio's Mardis Gras celebration.  Peterson Entertainment, Llc has a stellar line-up put together for all kinds of jazzy fun!   Kicking off the celebration is the Jim Cullum Reunion Jazz Band at 1pm.  The original line-up from Jim Cullum's "Jazz at the Landing" is back to help the Riverwalk celebrate Mardis Gras in style.  Rising star and the king of smooth jazz in San Antonio, BillyRay Sheppard and his band, take the stage for a more contempoary take on America's classical music form "jazz." Local legend and West Side Horn saxophonist Henry Rivas will be doing strolling jazz on the backside of the ampitheatre in La Villita from 3 to 5pm.  During the Rio parade The Maria Williams Band will be on the barge crooning jazz standards and to all those out for a party on the Riverwalk.  And wrapping up the night, all the way from Dallas Texas is Zydeco Blanco delivering some real-deal accordion/rubboard powered zydeco.  We're very exctied to be putting this event on. 

I wanted to give D'Addario/Rico Reeds a huge thank you for providing me an artist pass for NAMM.  It was a very interesting trip - got to see some cool gear, old friends, and made some new ones!  Thank you Rico Reeds & D'Addario!


West Kings Highway is continuing it's Friday Night Residencies. The band is getting pretty tight.  If you haven't heard us in a while.  Come see us again.  We're a different beast!  Southtown 101 has us for Frist Fridays!  8-11pm and Sancho's most other Fridays from 7 to 9pm.

The Noah Peterson Trio - First show in a long time for my jazz groups is right around the corner. 

GrooveTron-X: Here's the newest thing: GrooveTron-X.  We're calling it "livetronica" - electronic music and live instruments.  It's a pretty fun little project. This is a rapidly developing group and we're very excited about it. Next performance is March 4th at Bang Bang Bar. Here's a clip from a recent show: GrooveTron-X Video

La Chichada:  The hiatus is over.  We're back for a couple of shows coming up.  Feb 24th - we're missing our drummer so we're masquerading as "Jo Jo Dancer" at Sancho's, and March 25th we're hosting a night at Jandro's on St. Mary's Strip.

Spotify playlists.  I wanted to remind y'all what we have and make it easy to add to YOUR playlist.

Tip the Band - Beer Drinking Songs. This is my first attempt at doing any lead singing. Although I don't do all the singing on this little record. My musical partners are the late Jim Miller, and folk lengend Dick Weissman (The Journeyman).  This trio puts guitars, banjo, bass, and washboard together for some folked-up, Americana, bluesy fun.  Funny lyrics about the life of a musician are to be found throughout; especially on songs like "I'm Broke, Busted" and "Tip the Band!"  And of course, it being February you have to listen to "I'm Heading Down to Mardis Gras."

River Barons - Things that Happenned.  This is a great alt-country/southern rock group that was the first band I joined in San Antonio.  And while I'm no longer in the band, I remain good friends with all of them and occasionally join the band for a jam or two at their gigs.  These are good guys and this EP rocks!  If you've got a hankering some soulful southern rock - this is it.

NEW VIDEOS FOR OLD MUSIC:  nada, nil, zlich.. still not quite the season for getting on these.  But I haven't forgotten! (Still doing loopfest videos!!!)

LOOPFESTS: Thanks to the loopers who participated, the attendees, and our sponsors for 2016:, TC-Helicon,, and Pigtronix! 

Video Playlists: NW LoopFest, (New videos almost daily!) Rocky Mountain LoopFestTexas LoopFest at both fully posted.


  • Friday nights, 7-9pm, at Sancho’s Cantina with West Kings Highway - 801 Jackson St in San Antonio, TX
  • First Fridays, 8-11pm, at Southtown 101 with West Kings Highway - 101 Pereida St in San Antonio, TX


Top streamed tracks on Spotify according to CD Baby for the month:

  1. Pulsar - Noah Peterson             (Ambient Space Sounds)
  2. Deep Space - Noah Peterson         (Ambient Space Sounds)
  3. Scavengers in the Wasteland   (Ambient Space Sounds)
  4. Elegant Space Noise - Noah Peterson           (Ambient Space Sounds)
  5.  The Vastness of Space                          (Ambient Space Sounds)

Crazy how this is always the top streamed stuff. The tunes shuffle around for which is in what spot - but that's about it. The consistent popularity of this record on Spotify is a continuing mystery. 

This month's most watched Youtube videos: 

  1. 2016 NW LoopFest: Riley Tyrel Carter - Eulogy
  2. Los #3 Dinners - Take a Walk on the Wild Side
  3. 2016 Texas LoopFest: Deferlow
  4. Cosmic Dust - Journey
  5. DJ FlipFlop at NAMM

Riley Carter is a huge leader in video views this month.  A couple of the usual suspects with Los #3 Dinners and Cosmic Dust - those guys seem to always be bringing in the views.  Although it's nice to Derferlow pop in the top 5 with some pretty creative looping and DJ FlipFlop pops in at number 5 even though that video has just been up a week.  Kinda thinking he'll be back next month as well.

SHOWS: Grab yer calendars and dancing shoes!   

Feb 03 West Kings Highway, 8pm

Southtown 101

101 S Pereida, San Antonio, TX


Feb 05   Noah Peterson Trio, 11am

Sunday Jazz Brunch at the Plaza Club     

Pvt Event, San Antonio, TX                                        


Feb 10   Solo Sax Sessions, 4:30pm

Carroll Bell Elementary 

Pvt Event, San Antonio, TX                                        


Feb 10   West Kings Highway, 7pm

628 Jackson St

Sancho's, San Antonio, TX


Feb 17   West Kings Highway, 7pm

628 Jackson St

Sancho's, San Antonio, TX


Feb 24   West Kings Highway, 7pm La Chichada 8pm

628 Jackson St

Sancho's, San Antonio, TX 


Mar 03 West Kings Highway, 8pm

Southtown 101

101 S Pereida, San Antonio, TX


Mar 04  GrooveTron-X, 10pm

Bang Bang Bar

119 El Mio Dr, San Antonio, TX