Action Alert
Please send the following to your elected official. We're getting screwed here!
Dear Representative,
I am a songwriter/composer. I am one of those music makers that is going to be affected by the DoJ ruling on 100 percent licensing. The Department ignored the voices of copyright experts, members of Congress and thousands of songwriters and delivered a huge gift to tech companies who already benefit from egregiously low rates. The traditional and logical practice of fractional licensing -- or licensing only the share of a song a PRO represents -- by ASCAP and BMI will be done away with.
These organizations, whose combined membership is well over one millon members is against this. The American Federation of Musicians is against this, songwriters are against this, record labels are against this. I am against this. How is it that the entire music industry, and the U.S. Copyright Office, are against this and yet it still gets hammered through? This is wrong, this is killing creativity. This will interfere with, if not kill, creative collaborations among songwriters and negate private contracts between songwriters, performers, labels, and publishing companies.
We need you to come to our defense and stop this. We need you to deny with the DoJ is trying to do. We need you to tell the DoJ to stay out of our business, they are not protecting those who matter most: the music creators.
Do this, and do it now. Please.