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My weekly residency on Wednesday nights has come to an end.  It was a great two and half years of music from locals, touring bands, and the occasional international artist.  Big thanks to Dave Gentle for giving me a spot to host music and for being such a great bartender and friend.  I'm looking for a new spot to set-up shop - so we'll see what the future brings!


West Kings Highway has a special New Year's Eve show!  We're going to be getting down at the Elks Lodge #216 in San Antonio, TX.  Doors are at 8pm and the night features heavy hor d'oeuvres, champagne toast, and door prizes.  Here's the Facebook event link for more information:

La Chichada has a special show on Dec 10th at the Bang Bang Bar in San Antonio - Bigwood opens the night and Volcan closes the show!  No cover - come on down to the hippest spot in town and enjoy your favorite Rock Arte band!

Spotify playlists.  I wanted to remind y'all what we have and make it easy to add to YOUR playlist.

Irie Impressions - I Like It Like This. Irie Impressions is based out of Cottage Grove, OR.  And while I've been a member of the band I'm not on this recording.  Led by Alton Thomas and Lori Davis this is a true roots reggae album.  The title cut "I Like It Like This" sets the mood for some mellow Jamaican vibes. From there the record jumps into some political commentary/protest songs including a 9/11 tribute piece "September Morning."  The tunes and vibes are never heavy or depressing and there's always a message of hope. I think this is best represented by "Mr. Garvey Says."  From there the album changes direction and stays in the fun zone.  "Pai" is a hip cut featuring Marko and some tasty sax.  "Sky Juice" is a great tune about Alton selling his own sugary drink for money in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  My personal favorite is "Works Is Never Done," a rootsy groove that suits me!  The album wraps with the upbeat and funny "Human Bones"  Everybody Come Down!

Noah Peterson - Music for Film, Vol 1: Sax and Bass.  This is a great little recording.  Just me and bassist extraordinarie, David Captein.  I had been working with a lot of duos and trios in jazz, folk, and indie music.  I asked Dave to start doing sax and electric bass gigs.  He was a little concerned at first as he'd never done anything quite like that. He was surprised at how nice our little duo turned out.  I said it was because he was free from the neurotic, harmonic prisons of piano players.  (He thought that was pretty funny!)  The album starts off with "Why Mock Me," a tune originally composed for the Emmett Wheatfall poem. And it's a swinging little ditty.  Next is a lovely version of "Waltz for Tom," a tune written for an old friend and patron, Tom Irey.  Next is the only recording I have of "Plantains and Bananas," my answer to the "Chiquita Banana" song. I love how it came out.  The feel is great, the space is open, the groove is good, and the vibe is Irie! Dave's bass solo is sweetly fantastic.  "One Summer Day" is my favorite tune that I've written.  I love to record in all kinds of settings.  Dave really nails the intention of my writing on this and it's a lovely version. "Ethan's Blues" with the intro! We get to get down a little bit on this. "Coming Home to You," a tune written for my wife. This version is very artsy and expressive.  The final track is my best approximation of a Yaravi.  Titled "Peruvian" this is a free tempo piece full of flourish and feeling.

NEW VIDEOS FOR OLD MUSIC:  nada, nil, zlich.. still not quite the season for getting on these.  But I haven't forgotten!

LOOPFESTS: The 2016 LoopFest Season has come to a close.  Huge thanks to the loopers who participated, the attendees, and our sponsors:, TC-Helicon,, and Pigtronix! 

Video Playlists: NW LoopFest, Texas LoopFest (These are both being updated with new videos almost daily!) Rocky Mountain LoopFest (Fully posted - 26 videos.)


  • Friday nights, 7-9pm, at Sancho’s Cantina with West Kings Highway - 801 Jackson St in San Antonio, TX


Top streamed tracks on Spotify according to CD Baby for the month:

  1. Pulsar - Noah Peterson             (Ambient Space Sounds)
  2. Elegant Space Noise - Noah Peterson           (Ambient Space Sounds)
  3. Deep Space - Noah Peterson         (Ambient Space Sounds)
  4. Uncertainty - Noah Peterson         (Ambient Space Sounds)
  5. Hope - Noah Peterson                 (Ambient Space Sounds)

This month's most watched videos: 

  1. 2016 NW LoopFest: Saundra's Electric Night Life opening selection 
  2. Cosmic Dust - Journey
  3. 2016 NW LoopFest Tyler Carson - opening selection
  4. Cosmic Dust - Spiritus
  5. SuperTall Paul Newman - 2014 SoCal LoopFest "Fly Me to the Moon"

SHOWS: Grab yer calendars and dancing shoes!

Fri Dec 02,  8pm

West Kings Highway First Friday

Southtown 101

101 Perida St

San Antonio, TX                                              


Fri Dec 09, 7pm

West Kings Highway

Sancho’s Cantina

628 Jackson St,  San Antonio, TX                                              


Sat Dec 10, 10pm

Bigwood, La Chichada, Volcan

Bang Bang Bar

119 El Mio Dr, San Antonio, TX


Fri Dec 16, 7pm

West Kings Highway

Sancho’s Cantina

628 Jackson St,  San Antonio, TX                                              


Sat Dec 17, 8pm

Solo Sax Sessions

Grackle Art Gallery

4621 El Campo Ave, Fort Worth, TX         


Fri Dec 23, 7pm

West Kings Highway      

Sancho’s Cantina

628 Jackson S,t  San Antonio, TX                                              


Fri Dec 30, 7pm

West Kings Highway

Sancho’s Cantina

628 Jackson St,  San Antonio, TX                                              


Sat Dec 31, 8pm               

New Year's Eve Celebration with West Kings Highway    

San Antonio Elks Lodge #216

15650 Market Hl, San Antonio, Texas

Tickets: $25