Today my cousin died.  He was 37.  4 kids.   Last time I saw him was a few months back.  I was coming through Phoenix. He and his fiance came out to see my show. We drank beers, laughed, had a great time and talked about the wedding.  A few weeks after that he was in the hospital with some kind of leukemia.  I looked it up online.  For his  "demographic" the odds weren't good.  But he had a positive attitude and looked like he was going to beat the odds.  But it went south and it went quickly. 

I know his parents, they have to be wracked with sorrow.  I don't know his kids; I can't imagine what they must be going through.  His newly-wed wife, whom I met once must be shaken to the core.  I'm more than a little emotional right now. 

On that side of the family there's a lot of cousins.  10 kids, all but one, who had families.  We'd get together and have these huge family reunions.  All of them are fond memories.  My cousin was close to me in age and so we'd hang out at these events and some of us kept in touch more than others.  But family is thick and that family especially so.  The Z's.  The Zimm's.  The Zimmerman's.  My mother's family.  My family. 

37...So sorry cuz.  I was looking forward to seeing you again.  I can't believe you're not going to be around.  Your kids, your parents, your wife.  I feel so sorry for them.  I can't imagine their grief.  Today is a sad day.