The thing is we all love doing a "Big Show."  Big Shows are rare.  Big Shows are defined differently.  What makes a Big Show?  The answers vary depending on where you are at in your career.

For me, right now, tonight is a "Big Show."  It's the monthly Downtown on Tuesday event.  It's my first event for the City of San Antonio. It's outdoors at Alamo Plaza, right in front of the Alamo.  Just me and my loop station for 3 hours.  Unfortunately, the weather may not cooperate.  It has cancelled this event for several months.  I expect it will go on. 

I'm mildly excited and greatly looking forward to it.  I'm going to bring out my larger P.A.  That should make the low end effects bark and bump, give some thud to my bass drum box and punch the rest out with some serious volume and clarity.  I love getting to use bigger speakers.  More air, bigger magnets, larger cones - it really transforms the impact my show has.  It's why blues bands are so much better live.  You feel the bass and drums move through your body.  My little PA only gives an auditory suggestion of that.  People still get it, but there's nothing like feeling it.  This excites me.  I'm a little anxious to see how people react to it. 

Anyway...I think one the things that make for a big show are the preparations.  It changes your day. I'm not going to say I took the day off or didn't work or anything like that.  But I certainly didn't work as hard, or get into a project or do much more than a daily check-in.  I want to be rested physically and mentally.  I have a big set-up.  Now I'm going to relax for a minute and then get to it.  It'll be interesting to see how it all turns out.


And we're done....turnout was low. I'm thinking the threat of rain and almost zero marketing done by the city for their event.    I did get the whole thing filmed although I haven't checked footage yet.  That should be a nice learning experience.   I brought out the big PA. Punched a hole through the bottom of one speak (still works) and didn't bring 1/4" to XLR convertors.  Phil was kind enough to save me by bringing out a mixer and a couple of cables.  Thanks Phil, you're the man!   I did give out some business cards and got done what I needed to.  People loved it. Can't complain about it. 


Video didn't turn out.  Had the audio feed before the loop station...doh!