I do like to make music. All kinds. I've been messing around with and listening to electronic music across a wide spectrum for quite a while.

Mostly the listening comes from friends who are hard-core fans of artists or genres or into a scene. I just ride the wave for whatever the current flavor of the month is. And since I'm always messing around with devices, I get a fair amount of discovery going on, plus my bandmates, plus my noise peeps.

I was on a break at a show on Thursday and a guy at a bar asked me what I listen to. I said mostly to whatever I'm working on at the moment. He and his buddy didn't like that answer... one dude even muttered "you don't have a radio." In my mind I'm thinking, "Sheesh dude, why did you even ask? Why don't you just tell me what you like to listen to?" I've been thinking about that over the weekend and unless my wife is in the car. I don't listen to the radio. She can only take listening to the same thing over and over so long. But I'm trying to get songs in my head, get ready for recording, trying to come up with ideas, get focused on things, listening for what worked and what didn't. And how to employ technology in in the music.

Which brings us to Baseline 120: Electro Jams. I've got a KP3+ and KAOSS PRO that I used in GrooveTronX (www.grovoetronx.com). I've also, until recently, not had any time to get into my new DAW - Adobe Audition. I'm not really one of those guys that's like, "I've gotta get my 3 hours of practice in today!" In the moments that I have to "practice" I prefer to do. And I believe learning by doing is the best way when time is precious.

And I could stand to be more familiar with my gear. Always. So I plugged in my two pads and thought I should get familiar with them and Adobe Audition at the same time. I thought it best to set some parameters to limit myself so I didn't get overwhelmed. 120 BPM, no additional gear - just the 2 pads, try to not use the same beat or sounds and don't make an epic recording of 20 tracks. So I took a few nights and knocked out this jam.

Really enjoying the Pads, but finding limits that are creatively frustrating although the two of them together are robust and I find I hardly ever use the many, many filters on the KP3. I should work on that. Really liking Adobe Audition - pretty simple to get it up and running and I have yet to really dive into it. But very much liking where I'm at with it now and looking forward to getting much more into it.

The result: An EP of 120 BPM jams. There's some hooks, some electro-noise. All in all, I dig it. There's a couple of wicked lines buried here and there. Kinda trance-like in the repetition and arpeggios. Everything is loop based. Enjoy!


Youtube: [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJHred3IXNo&index=4&list=OLAK5uy_m-D68Y5iOBYDmx7ZBeymdipRAYl3TMyt8[/url]