Had a nice gig at Francesca's.  Surprise, surpise and my brother and his wife show up for the gig.  What a fun treat.  Had a fun show up with a table of her friends, food was once again a home room.  After that I hit the road.  Ended up driving until 3am or so...spent an hour on the phone with my brother telling "yo momma" jokes.  I love my family.  We are some odd ducks but we all rock and I have a lot of fun with them. 

Anyway...finally had to call it a night. Made it to Alabama. It was a lot further than I thought I would make it.   Up in the morning and hit the freeway for home.  The long drive the previous night got me home for supper in my little Texas home with my lovely and wonderful wife.  What a joy to be back home.  I love my little kitty and getting back to work.  Started kicking some tail with Phil right out of the gate.  Today was awesome.  Crushed it today.  Serious biz, serious creativity, serious progress.  Today I am excited, thrilled and bursting with enjoyment of the music biz.  My trip was fantastic. I made a ton of good music with my buddy Zach in Florida and the tour went great.  Things are humming sweetly.  Can't wait for the rest of this week to unfold.  I'm almost giddy.  Today was a good day.