And BAM...just like that a week flies by so fast I literally didn't have time to eat let alone get on line.  Let's see...Last Sunday, okay had a nice show at Francesca's Trattoria.  Got a hug from Shel when I came in.  She brought the chef out and started ordering for me.  Food was the bomb!  Had a great time hanging out and catching up.  Crowd was a little sedate, so I kept it jazzy and mellow.  I was a little concerned for a minute because I've been hitting the funky stuff so hard for the past few months and I'm really excited about the new tunes I've been working on with Phil and Brant.  Those babies are hot.  

My "day off" was a pretty serious effort on the computer trying to push views of The Please Help "What I'm Hoping" video on my youtube channel.   Did some fest stuff and little domestic duties, found out that Emmett's CD has been pirated and is posted everywhere.  Ick.  Contacted the FBI.  Ick.  Will start to send take down notices. Ick. That was a major bummer.  by then I was ready to hit the beach.  Except I couldn't find a beach.  After I wasted 2 hours finding nothing but docks and breakers, I gave up and found a bar with a water view for some booze and oysters.  That helped.  Called it an early night.

Spend the next morning online.  Did my show at a retirement community, which was a blast.  They LOVED it.  Looking forward to going back there next year. The activities coordinator said, "...the video was neat, but you are just awesome in person.  I really had no idea.  It's so cool."   And my ego was satisfied for the entire tour.  After the show headed off to meet up with Zach at his mom's house.  And yes, I do feel like I'm 15 when I say that.

We set up, say hi and immediately get to work.  Takes us about 5 hours to get going.  Tech problems.  But with two of us, we got it figured out.  We strayed pretty far from the original intent of this project when I started using the mini-Korg.  I don't own it, it's on a keyboard exchange with Zack Walters (3rd Alley).  We swapped last time I was in L.A.   I had no idea what that machine was capable of.  Over the next 4 days I found out.  We made some crazy music and had a lot of fun.  I think we were up until about 3am the first night.  Up and at it again about 10am the next morning.  Worked all day until my show that night for a bike night in Naples.  Had a GREAT time with the bikers.  Unfortunately, the thunderstorms ended the show and hurt attendance, but it was still a solid Wednesday night gig.  Many thanks to Polock for the tequila!    A couple of good ole' boys invited me to go hang out at a private bar and jam.  So I went, half expecting to get fed to the gators.  These guys had a strip mall/warehouse space that must have had 40 guitar amps stacked in it.  Pool table, huge mixing board, drum set, etc...  Bunch of Floridians hanging out drinking and smoking.  I got down with the band playing rock tunes.  Haven't played rock a quite a while.  I had fun. call it quits around 1am, home around 2am.  Up a 8:30am the next day and busting out the music with Zach hard all day.  One of the guys from the bike night calls me up and wants me to play another one that night.  Sweet.  Love picking up gigs along the way.  Put in a solid day, recorded some horns with electronic tracks and off to the gig.  I get there (45 minute one way drive) and I forgot my bag of bells and whistles:  no effects, no wireless mic, no cables, no delay, etc...   I'm bummed.  But I got my sax, my loop station, my pa and an SM58 that plugs direct into the station.  Which is pretty close to how I started out doing the show.  And since it's really about the tunes and the sax, that other stuff is just icing on the cake and no one would know.  So I sat down and knocked it out.  People really, really liked it.  That's the difference. Add the toys and they LOVE it.  Still had a good night but didn't sell very many CDs.  If I had the effects I would have sold out my touring inventory of SSS.  As it stands I have 3 left.  Anyway... it was a fine show. Wrapped it at 9, home around 10 and we put in a couple of hours of work.   Next day we were at it around 8:30am and worked all day again.  This time my show was late so we worked well into the evening.   I went off to my show at a billiard hall for Valentine's Day and had a good time.  Kind of late, home around 1am and just crashed.  Saturday was up 7:30am and off to breakfast.  Zach had some things to take care of: car issues, g/f, family time, etc... we got going late morning and pushed it hard until 3.  After that we were done. I was bitchy and bossing him around, he was tired of getting bossed around, his G/F was there, his mom was coming home, we had stopped having fun the day before and agreed that time had simply run out.  I think we ended up with 16 or 17 tracks for those few days.  What a massive effort.  We did a ton of work and we worked well.  Aside from cool grooves and sounds, we got another tune out of it "Two Ports Down" it's kind of a "Poortown Scrub" revisited.  I'm already using it on shows.  Nice little calypso ditty.  We seem to get one good tune every time we get together.  i packed up to do my show and hit the road, Zach packed up to go spend a few days in Sarasota and it was goodnight Irene.  I did my show a very cool little brewery, YBel Brewing. GREAT beer.  Snappy hops!  That stuff can easily hang with the NW craftbrews.  People were cool, two of the workers there both played sax in school, a couple other musicians were there as well.  Fun night although they said it was dead as people were downtown for a festival.  I wrapped a little early and hit road.  Only made about 2.5 hours before it was time to sleep.

I'm partial to truck stops these days as opposed to rest areas.  But for this stretch of interstate, there's not a lot of truck stops and the rest areas are pretty nice.  So I pull over in what I think is a nice quiet spot.  Seems I picked the spot where carloads of people wanted to chat, smoke and laugh for extended periods of time in the middle of the night.  I had no idea that rest areas in Florida was such hot spots for hanging out fun.  Oh well... it's only sleep. Got up, hit the road and hello starbucks!!!  One more gig tonight and then's hightailing it for home. BandVanAdventures indeed.  This week was intense.