Ended up picking up a bit of a cold on Santa Cruz.  Didn't think much of it until Long Beach.  Started coming on pretty heavy.  After the gig, slept in and started medicating.  I'm not one to take medicine.  But I'm on the road.  Sleeping on a couch.  And moving and gigging in the next few days.  Not a happy combo to get better.  Met up with some Marine buddies that night.  Had a BLAST.  Zack came along as we were checking out some venues in Long Beach.  After my little meet-up, Zack's bandmate came out and we hung out and cruised the town a little, Zack drinking beer and me drinking cold medicine.  This cold began to seriously kick my ass.  Much sleep was had again, but more potent measures were needed.  Got some different OTC stuff and hung out with Lew at his studio for the day.  Finally dragged my butt down to Vista to my cousin and went straight to bed after a quick bite and shower.  Laurie was kind enough to give me some herbal supplements which helped beat this thing down.  I was up early the next day for a long, outdoor gig.  Had a good time, the weather was perfect and I was so out-of-it from the medicine and sickness that I could barely speak.  Sold some CDs and made some GREAT tips!  Grabbed some food and drove on down the road a few hours. Promptly cancelled another meet-up with a Marine buddy as I didn't want to give him my creeping, snot lungs of death.  Spent the next 18 hours at a truck stop in Barstow trying to sweat and sleep through this thing.  Nose got all chaffed.  Didn't eat much.  Had to get going.  Made it to my father in law's in Sedona and again, shower and straight to bed.  Felt better the next morning.  Didn't need much medicine. Had my first real meal in a few days and had a nice chat.  Took a nap for several hours and hit the road for my first gig ever in Flagstaff.  Cool spot, but a dead Monday night.  Although not every place was dad.  Flagstaff is cool.  Really liked.  Looking forward to coming back through there again.   At this point, I'm feeling even better.  Started feeling so good that I drove all night to Santa Fe.  Wasn't tired.  Got a few hours sleep, cleaned up at a rest stop and came into town to get online and grab coffee.  Feeling chipper but still got a little sniffle hanging on!  

Last road gig is tonight.  Then two days to get home for a Halloween gig in San Antonio.  Can't wait to get home.  It'll be seven weeks out.  Not even close to the longest I've been out, but this was plenty long.  Miss my wife, miss my house, miss my cat.  Can't wait to get home.  Lots to do.  This trip has been amazing.  Epic indeed.  The journey, the gigs, the people, the music, the driving, the views, all of it...just amazing.  I don't have the words to depict how I am feeling right now.  I am grateful for this wonderful musical adventure that my life is.   And there's so much more to do with it yet...  :)

Life is good.