Wrapped up my time at the Y2K Loopfest.  I had a great time.  Really got to get to know some pretty cool folks. Very glad I’m doing this stuff.  Got some great ideas for next year.     Sadly, I had to get on down the road.  Made a stop in Paso Robles at cool little joint.  Had a fun show and watched some Sunday Night Football after.   Looking forward to making that a regular stop!  But I had to  head down the road some.  Stopped at a tiny rest area somewhere in the coastal mountains for the night.

Up the next day and off to get some work done.  Found a Starbucks for coffee and internet.  I was time to get some work done.  Spent most of it on San Antonio LoopFest stuff and trying to stay caught up whilst arranging my visitation schedule for the week.    After more than a couple of hours of that I needed to do some errands and laundry.   Got everything squared away, cleaned and ready to go just in time to meet my mother-in-law for dinner.  Hung out with my Aunt for a minute and called it an early night.  Next day was up and off to L.A. to hang out with Zack.   Did a show with him that night in Long Beach, props to Cameo for coming out and seeing the show, had fun with the locals, met some of Zack’s former bandmates and friends.     Making a little headway on the SoCal LoopFest and some other business.  But mostly catching up, looking ahead to coming home to San Antonio, booking some gigs, etc…   all in the beautiful weather of sunny California.