Okay...it's Sunday Sept 22nd.  Still in Denver, CO.  Going to hit the Blues Jam at Ziggie's tonight.  Going to say hey to the owner.  Get down a little bit with some jammers (hopefully). Head out tomorrow.

First gig was in Evergreen at the Little Bear Saloon.  This place was great.  I had a Tuesday night gig and there was flood damage up there.  Part of the road and a parking lot were gone.  The other live music venue was closed for flood repairs that hadn't started yet.  There wasn't a big crowd.  But there were some partyin' folks.  Had a great time in a very cool venue. 

Tried to get some work done on some tunes for a recording the next day.  Made some progress but fell a little behind as it was slow going. 

Next gig was in Boulder at a bar/coffee house.  Brian Casey, a Portland friend and musician whom I've had the pleasure of playing with a variety of settings was able to come down last minute and see the show with his wife.  Brian and I share a love of scotch.  I like to think I'm the guy that got him into it!  Maybe not 100% true, but then again...  Anyway, we had to see what he had on the shelf at home.  It was awesome catching up.  Gig was fun, a lightly attended.  I made myself a couple of fans.  That's for sure.  I'll take it.

Hung out with some old friends here and there.  Got a nice motorcycle ride in on Saturday. Saw an old Marine buddy.  Hung out with my host and ran around town a little with him.  Got some more tunes worked on.

Mark (Marcus) treated the family and me to tickets to Earth, Wind and Fire at Red Rocks.  I didn't know Denver was Phillip Bailey's hometown.  That was a pretty special show because of that. And Red Rocks is a very fine venue. It was my first time there.  Very cool. 

Friday gig was at The Mirage Sports Bar.  I love that place.  They keep having me back.  This time I even had a nice crowd come!  Mark rustled up a nice crew. I had a couple peeps show up.  Plus there was a decent crowd there.  I had a great time.  They asked me to play a little longer because people were so intrigued.  That's always nice to hear.  Early show and then it was beer and pool and stories.  A great time was had by all.  Had some serious and deep conversations and some laughs.  It was a very cool night.  Perfect night. Saw a Marine buddy I hadn't seen in 20 years.  That was awesome. 

The weekend was largely social. I did get an afternoon in with another musician/friend/associate to catch up.  That was nice to have a face-to-face conversation with him. 

Most of the day Sunday was spent writing music.  Got a ton done, started putting the project together.  Still overwhelmed with that and the loopfests.  Plus there's trying to get the San Antonio Fest up and going.  That one is a bitter baby to be born.  I have to say, the musicians I'm largely dealing with make this a very unpleasant experience.  I left Texas floored by the quality of bands I have been recently seeing.   Suffice to say I'm dealing with a lot of non-working acts.  The attitude and inability to follow directions keeps the frustration level high.  I started thinking about not doing it today. 

Anyway...feeling pretty good about how things are going.  The timing worked out well with gig/time off.  It's allowed me to catch up on some things.  I still have a ton to do for the loopfests, but that's all clean-up work now.  I can start on some of that tonight after the Blues Jam.  Shows are going well.  I'm bringing it pretty hard.  The shows I've been seeing lately have had a pretty serious impact on me.  I've been changing some things in my delivery and the nature of the music performance.  I think it's a lot stronger now.  CD sales are up! Got things pretty well put together for the fests.  Sleep is good, weight is down a little, feeling healthy although my neck and shoulder are still tweaked from working under the house.  That should have been better a week ago... 

Miss the wife, miss the cat.  Miss my house.  Having a great time.  I have great friends and I love to see them.  It's so good to see them all.  And we have some fun when we're not working.  Drinking a lot less.  Hands are still swollen a little.  Life on the road is good.  I do love it.

Leaving for Moab tomorrow.  Back to the courses!