Okay... so the adventure begins.  Things kicked off in Austin.  I said goodbye to my wife.  Hung with some friends old and new, had a ton of fun, stayed up late.  A nice show the next morning at the Hope Farmers Market and off on the road.  Made it a good bit into New Mexico and drove through a harrowing storm.  I ain't Pee Wee and this isn't my "Biggest Adventure."  I've driven in plenty of bad weather.  But rain and hail were so fierce I had to slow to 25 mph to feel safe.  The lightning was intense.  Constant flickering like a strobe light with a spastic short.  Many flashes were bright enough to light up the entire surroundings as bright as day as far as you could see on the flat Texas range.  The word "Tornado" briefly flashed through my brain. I checked the foliage in the highly, illuminating, frenzied flashes of the the lighting and they were only bent with the deluge of rain and hail.  No wind. My car wasn't really being pushed around.  No wind, no Tornando.  And no thunder.  It was a little nerve-racking and I was concerned with going through a creekbed or over a ditch.  I'm not on the freeway.   Maybe about 30-40 minutes of intense rain and then slowly lightened up from there on out. It was a good 45 minutes of lightening before I got into the really heavy rain and hail. 

Got a couple games of Disc Golf in for the afternoon. Stopped in to see an old High School buddy for dinner and currently am in Denver.  Getting caught up on the biz for the last bit. Got my room set-up and ready to work.  Life on the road.  Love.  Got a gig tonight.