Wow.... 2nd entry.  Suffice to say BandVanAdventures indeed.

Met up with my old buddy Dick Weissman.  Always good to see him and hear what he has going on.  As usual, he had a stack of magazines for me, and a new addition of his music business book.  We caught up as much as we could, exchanging news and off I went.

Next stop, my old pal Mark.  Always good hanging out with old friends.   Just chilled for a bit, caught up on the adventures since we last spoke, talked about middle-aged man stuff.  The day was hot and sunny, with a dry stillness in the area as the thundershowers barely touched with us with their edges.    I head off to the gig with an ETA about an hour fifteen before down beat.    And then...Houston, we have a problem.  I notice the clock isn't on and car has lost some power.  I check the radio, the radio ain't on.  I'm like, "uh-oh" and start turning everything off.  I have an idea what the problem is and start looking for a place to get it taken care of.  Not really seeing anything.  I start thinking well... what if it's something else, but related to what I think it is.  Better find an Autozone instead.    Pull one up on the GPS, about 3.5 miles away.  Awesome.    My car is losing more power, and the blinkers are acting funny.   Literally as I pull into the parking lot, I coast into a parking spot.  And I thanked Jesus. 

So I call the venue and say hey, I'm probably gonna be late.  I think I can fix it, but not quite sure.  She says call back with an update.  I text Mark, he starts heading over for a rescue.  First thing I do is address what I think the problem is. Not, next it's probably the battery.  The Autozone clerk, (who was (the entire crew actually) AWESOME about getting me back on the road) said, that's one of our batteries, I'll bet it's still under warranty.  Sure was!  Pulled the old one, came out with the new on as Mark rolled in.  He helped me finish the job, pack-up, clean-up and get back up the road.  Called the venue, they said, a little late, no problem, come on up!

And so I did.  And some friends showed up as well!  There was a nice crowd in there.  The show was difficult.  I was mentally unprepared as instead of being an hour and fifteen minutes early to set-up, eat, sound-check and plan my set, I'm late and scrambling without trying to rush things too much.   Had  a hard time really working the board.  It was my first time with my boots on.  I was literally tripping over things.  I had several "missteps" and wrong channel assignments, which changed how the board behaved.  (I JUST upgraded from the RC-50 to the RC-300 and there are some changes that really matter.)    It was trip-up after trip-up.   After awhile I just stopped the tunes and just started doing jams.  That worked much better.  The flow was better, the vibe was better, everything relaxed and started to fall into place.   The tip bucket was nicely packed and off I went into the night.

Since I was already up the mountain, I took a back road to the interstate.  Not too long after I started west I came through one of the first passes and the were two or three police cars, a tow truck, and the remains of a very large, dead animal.  So big it could have been a moose.  Huge.   I drove for a bit and decided to call it a night. 

Up the next morning and hop back on the freeway for what should be a spectacular drive.   I have the radio on and the local news come on saying, they have identified the man killed last night in the car wreck at such and such a location.  He was ejected from his Jeep after he struck an Elk on such and such pass.  His car went over the edge after striking the Elk and he was thrown from the Jeep after going over the edge.  The Elk was also killed.   What I drove past the previous night was the cops loading up the dead Elk and starting to deal with the wreck.

As I drove the the rest of Colorado and Southern Utah, I listened to pop radio and silence.  It's nice to be alone sometimes.   Had some great reflection time, enjoyed the radio, greatly enjoyed the drive.    Got into the SLC area for some computer time.  Always stuff to be done...  Looking forward to a great gig tomorrow night and seeing some of the locals in Idaho!