Okay... we'll see how long lasts.  My attempts at regular blogging are dismal failures.  I'm okay with that.  But it's the last BandVanAdventure - anything can happen.

I got to drive a route during the day that I don't believe I've ever done in the day.  It was always a night, during thunderstorms that covered all of West Texas.  I don't particularly like this drive.   However... it was beautiful.  The changing  terrain and plants for San Antonio to Hill Country, to the rocks, to the range.   I got a couple amazing sunset pics as I was skirting around the edge of a thunderstorm - posted it on instagram.  And then I reached the "edge" of the storm.  And what I thought was the storm breaking up, was the the tail end of a giant thunderstorm that looked like it was on it's way north from covering all of West Texas.   This means high wind pushing everybody all over the freeway, lots of rain that pushes everybody all over the freeway, and golf ball sized hail that I feared was going to shatter my windshield.  It was the edge.  I just hit the southernmost tip of it heading into New Mexico and followed all the way to I-125 where it didn't go past the mountains.    Along the way, fireflys danced in the ditches by the highway.  

Coming down the mountain, there was a truck.  Going 20. Noooo...15mph.  It was a construction zone.  Nothing to be done by enjoy that long, slow, trip down the pass.  Fortunately, I was in no hurry and didn't have to pee. 

Turns out too of my buddies who couldn't hang out, now can.  I get into town early, catch up on the email, and bam,  blog time.    First day was awesome with what seemed to be about 3.5 minutes I could have done without. 

I've posted a few youtube videos of myself that are getting a more positive reaction than I anticipated.  That's always good the old ego...and do I mean old.  Anyways...

My wife reads my blog.  And the she comments to me on it.  She's probably going to get mad at me for writing this. I love you baby.

Coming up - hanging out with buds, first tour gig... will there be a second entry?