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BandVanAdventure 2017: The Final Adventure.  Phew....all done and it was a doozy.  While I will still make the occasional "out-of-town" music trip, this is the end of my touring days.   It was a grand adventure over all of the years.  I played a lot of shows, sold a lot of CDs, drove through spetacular scenery, spent freezing nights in the van (and hot, sweaty ones too).  From Bellingham, WA to Boca Raton, FL - mountains, plains, deserts, and beaches...there was no place I wouldn't go.  I just want to say thank you to all the people who came out to see me, all the venues that hosted me, all the press and radio, all my friends and family for the support.  I couldn't have done any of it without you.

Even though I've been a "one-man-band" sometimes it felt like I had an army behind me.  Thank you for coming to the shows, streaming the tunes, watching the videos, buying merch and music, and hanging out on social media - it's been great.  I started the "Solo Sax Sessions" in 2011.  I did my first gig at Starbucks on August 1, six years ago.   Since then I've been criss-crossing the country playing hundreds of shows, I moved to Texas, I put on LoopFests in multiple cities within 5 states, spent two years as a paid columnist for, and put out all sorts of fun content including Noah and Hideki's Big Adventure (you haven't lived until you spend 8 days in a van with a friend whom who don't really have a common language.)

It's been amazing, difficult, exhausting, and more. It's impossible to really describe one of these adventures let alone sum up all my touring. But it's time to sink my teeth into Texas and focus on the business here.  Thanks again everyone - my BandVanAdventures were an adventure of a lifetime. The memories and friends I have from them are priceless.

O.M.N.I.  While we are at work on the 3rd release, please check out our video "Captain Function Vs. the Brainwashed Hubron Elbards." Tune into the CDBaby Page for the narrative in the Space Adventures of Captain Funktion. Here's the Spotify link for the Newly released 2nd album O.M.N.I on Spotify.   

West Kings Highway: is literally rocking and rolling, the band is getting tight, our Friday nights at Sancho's are hot, hot, hot!  We're getting more festival work and private parties.  Come see us!

GrooveTron-X: The hippest electronic act in Texas has a new residency starting in August.  The 2nd and 4th Thursday will find us at Halcyon, 9 to 11pm, free shows for all the party people that want to get down with some livetronica chill grooves.  And we've got some plans to expand our web presence.  Hopefully we'll have that coming together in the very near future. 

Noah Peterson: Things are changing for me as well.  My eldest brother Travis sent me some gear for Christmas, specifically a KAOSS KP3+Samper/effects processor. I've also upgraded my loop station to the RC-300, changed my "bass" pedal to a POG2 for extra, beefy goodness, and put Option Knobs on my delay pedal for hands-free adjustable controls.  This has led to the development of a new show that I call "I Sing the Sax Electric." I will still do the "Solo Sax Sessions" here and there, but I've got a very different electronic music show for you all to enjoy.  Stay tuned for videos and recordings.  Speaking of recordings - I've got some noise stuff coming out as well as live tracks with the original DJ LAW, a collaborator on my "Bump" CD.


Noah Peterson "Two Ports Down"

Noah Peterson "Ain't No Way Honey"

Noah Peterson: Slow and Dirty

Noah Peterson: Sunshine and Smiles

Irie Impressions: Mr Garvey Says

GrooveTron-X: The Ride - live

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LOOPFESTS: The NW LoopFest has come and gone.  Many thanks to my artists and sponsors. Thanks to Rogue Ales for hosting us and Saundrin Perrin aka Saundra's Electric Nightlife for co-producing the 2017 fest.   Pics and Videos to be posted soon!

Noah Peterson - San Antonio, TX 
Stargasm - Portland, OR 
Twenty Three Suns - Portland, OR 
Luthor Maggot - Corvallis, OR 
Waffle Taco - Portland, OR
Nathan North - Billings, MT 
Saundra's Electric Nightlife - Newport, OR 
Gordo - Phoenix, AZ 
John Firshi - Sandpoint, ID 
PhiloPhobia - Corvallis, OR 
Brothers - Lewiston, ID 
Playboy Smooth - Corvallis, OR
Jessie Davis - Brooklyn, NY 

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  • Friday nights, 7-9pm, at Sancho’s Cantina with West Kings Highway - 801 Jackson St in San Antonio, TX
  • First Fridays, 8-11pm, at Southtown 101 with West Kings Highway - 101 Pereida St in San Antonio, TX
  • 2nd and 4th Thursdays at Halcyon with GrooveTron-X - 1414 S. Alamo in San Antonio, TX


Top streamed tracks on Spotify according to CD Baby for the month: Brace yourselves - Ambient Space Sounds is completely out of the top 5 and O.M.N.I.'s 2nd release, Captain Funktion Vs the Brainwashed Hubron Elbards, has completely taken over!  Check out the jams!

This month's most watched Youtube videos:  A few changes this month.

  1. Los #3 Dinners
  2. Boomerang Factory Tour  
  3. "Journey" from Cosmic Dust
  4. Noah Peterson "Sunshine and Smiles"
  5. Noah Peterson "Two Ports Down"

SHOWS: Grab yer calendars and dancing shoes!

Thurs Aug 10, 9pm

GrooveTron-X at Halycon

1414 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX                


Fri Aug  11, 7pm

West Kings Highway Friday Night Residency       

Sancho’s Cantina

826 Jackson St.,  San Antonio, TX              


Sat Aug  12, 9pm

West Kings Highway

9pm, Free Show

1414 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX 


Aug  17 , 6:30pm

West King Highway        

Pvt Party

San Antonio, TX


Fri Aug 18, 7pm

West Kings Highway Friday Night Residency

Sancho’s Cantina

826 Jackson St.,  San Antonio, TX              


Thurs Aug 24, 9pm

GrooveTron-X at Halycon

1414 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX 


Fri Aug 25, 9pm

West Kings Highway Friday Night Residency

Sancho’s Cantina

826 Jackson St.,  San Antonio, TX              


Sat Aug 26, 1pm

Solo Sax Sessions            

Bending Branch Winery

142 Lindner Branch Trail Comfort, TX                                     


Fri Sep 01, 8pm

First Friday with West Kings Highway     

Southtown 101

101 Pereida, San Antonio, TX