If you really want to see how time flies, try and write a blog "frequently."    In some ways it feels like I just got, in others, ways it seems like I never went.  The odd thing is how much traffic this is receiving.  It's my #3 entry page on m site.

I get back home last Monday, I figured the next day is going to be spent on couch napping, eating, coffee in the day, booze at night and lots and lots of rest. Nope.  I'm all hot and bothered to get the new The Please Help video up and ready to go.  Phil wants that as well.  We're up and at it and spend hours and hours on it getting it just right.  Graphics look great and we are ready to go.  Except after converting it to a wmv file shows that I'm out of sync on a part and two other parts could be a little tighter.  The adjustments are so slight that I have to export the video (an hour to an hour twenty each time) every time I want to check it.  I'm up until 2:30am working on it.  I finally call it night and I'm up at 8:30am.  Tighten up two sections, get the other thing right and post it.  Booyah!  Nope.  Phil says it's too dark and there's a hard cut at 1:57.  Pull it down.  I look and it's not just a hard cut that's missing, almost ALL the transitions from scene to scene are gone.  I go get him and we're working on it until well after 5pm.  Keep in mind we wanted it up and ready to go with the article in the paper that came out that morning.  We finally get it right.  And post it.  The other one got 17 views before we took it down.  First one got 100 views in a day. Not too shabby. You can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibwrr2I8JZs

After that the rest is a confused mess.  My wife and I went to a networking meeting, went out for sushi with friends, gigs, videoed a live show of The Please Help at the 1011, lots of computer time, loopfest stuff, met some folks, did some label biz... Kind of shut down on Saturday day for the afternoon.  Sunday I felt like a zombie. And I got my new T-shirt for The Please Help.  Got a solid 10 hours of sleep in and some good husband/wife time. 

I'm getting to the point where I'm at my project limit.  I can take on a couple more things. But I'm getting stretched.  I've got some other things humming, but nothing is in the pipeline.  Other things are taking waaay too much time, energy and producing very little unless my hands are doing all the work.  I'm not happy at all with this project.  The funny thing is, I'm vetting potential artists and collaborators in a very different way.  I've met with a lot of people. Enough that I'm not able to see the signs of what is and isn't a reasonable time/reward investment.  Hustling matters.  A willingness and ability to learn matter.  An entrepreneurial spirit matter. A willingness to tackle basic tech matter.  The lack of hatred toward establishments that pay you matter.  Self-management matters.  The ability to communicate matters.  Efficient, easy communication matters.  A thick skin matters.  A solution-oriented and opportunistic mindset matter.  Warning flags:  complainers, whiners, stupid (NOT ignorant - I can fix that), lazy, unfocused, victims, fearful, uncertain, know-it-alls, debaters, cocaine, bad hygiene, no teeth, sit-back-and-let-someone-else-do-it and the "I heard that..." guy.  These things make this job hard.  Makes the sweet fruit of one's labor taste like garbage and sand.  And it ruins relationships.  Unfortunately reality in the biz.  I could live without that part.

Anyway, can't say I'm raring to go, but I'm ready for the week.

Already promoting the videos this morning - hope to finish with that project in the next day or two.  Got some car repairs to get to, taxes, a couple of rehearsals and I need to book some shows... onward and upward.