The summer is fading fast.   My late spring respite stretched out into several months.  Granted, there were a lot of projects dangling in the wind. And the wait and see strategy watched most of them wither away.   On top of that my Halcyon residency with GrooveTronX ended.     While I certainly wasn't in the book shows mode during this time, shows did keep rolling in enough to keep the bills paid.   Got a bunch of LoopFest videos done and uploaded, got some video of me done and up on youtube, put out a new single, got lots of home projects/chores done, got my gear ready to go for the fall, and have been getting my body ready for the next season of work.  

Things are getting more active with King William, starting conversations with my other clients for festival work, and starting to fall behind on home projects.   Lately, I've been very much in office work mode.  Getting caught up on things that I've been ignoring since spring.  That's all done and have already seen some of the results of those efforts - yay!  

Even got a little bit of play time in my with electronic toys.   If I keep this up, I'll even start getting some practice time in!  Got rid of a ton of stuff from the office, get things pretty well sorted out, and the wife and I are making decisions about our future.  It's been a lot of "on hold" for about 18 months now.  We haven't had a plan and things have just been coasting along for some time as we watched things play out and needed to wait for some of these options before we could start planning.

But those days are over now.  Back on the horse, although I'm not hitting it as hard as I used to... although the late office nights have already started.  I'm all caught up and moving ahead now.  It's really taking advantage of the things I have going, making new relationships, getting the calendar full, finding some players, and cranking up the heat.  We'll see how it goes.  I feel like I have some direction now.