A rare actual blog post….life is so different these days.    Lots of creation going on.  Lots of decisions, lots of stress, lots of music, lots of plans, lot so things “that I’ll get too.”.  Everything is good, but lots of emotion and drama.  I’m not tired.  I’m emotionally drained.  I need an emotional holiday.     Like a solid of week of “can I not get someone’s issue spilled all over my lap…”      I kinda think we all need that.

I’m taking a rare few moments of reflection on a recent home recording release - Basleine 120: Electro Jams.  It’s fun to listen to stuff on a public profile knowing this is exactly what anyone in the world hears.  In some ways… release music requires the biggest balls in the world.  Cuz anybody can hate on it for any reason, and they’re right because it’s all about personal taste.   In a lot of ways this music reflects my listening to prog rock in the 70s.  That was music that took you on a journey .  I used to seek out bands and songs  that took you on a trip and try and remember that parts that I forgot because they got me thinking so much. 

I wanted to make some music like that.  But with some wicked hooks. And cool effects.   In terms of “current” music I’m out of the loop. But in terms of the “loop.”  I’m very much inside the loop. I love the loop.  And my fellow loopers.  The creativity is fabulous.  This isn’t that, but it’s so that.  But not really. But it uses a bunch of that.  And it was really fun to do. And I enjoy listening to it: the layers, the stacking, the constant ever-build.

In some ways this is really open for dance DJs to put a lot of stuff on top of.  I think this material is killer for remixes and samples.  And it’s great “background groove.” 

Ultimately it’s a nerd, his computer, and a life in music.