Well Monday was fun. The cat woke me up with his usual "love me lots" shenanigans, got my work out in, got some computer time in, got some chores done, and went off to the Airport gig.
Saw my high school friend Shanda Baker. She came into town with her family for a track meet in Corpus and was at the airport as I was doing my thing. Great to see her and meet the crew. Saw my friend Melissa as well. I'm also getting to know the custodians, TSA, and some of the vendor staff; it's a fun and wackly little world over at the airport. I like it though! Started giving out the new stickers (one new spotify follower already!).
After that, I grabbed the wife and went to a double-graduation party for a friend and GrooveTronX was the band. Hung out after for food, wine, conversation, bumped into people I knew, and had a great time.
Came home to chill the wife for a bit, had a snack, and called it a night.
It's nice to not be under the gun for once.  I still have a lot to do , but there's zero pressure.  I'm soaking it up.  I'm also not screwing up what I have on my plate.  Still getting things done and making progress.  But the pace is relaxed.   I do need to fix my video editing software, that needs to get done.  And I need to mow.  I should probably go do that.