Greetings y'all!! At long last the complete archives of the 2019 Texas LoopFest is up and available.
Of course you can go to and click away; or.... you can just click below
The Texas LoopFest took place in March, 2019 in San Antonio, Texas.
22 artists, 4 countries. 7 performances in 6 days at bars, churches, outdoor theaters. There are some exceptional performances here.
Many thanks to our venues: The Friendly Spot Ice House, CHUMS - Colonial Hills United Methodist School, Halcyon Southtown, Mission Marquee Plaza, El Luchador, Concrete Gallery, and the San Antonio Airport; our sponsors: Option Knob, Henretta Engineering, Morley Pedals, D'Addario, Electro-Faustus; and our participating Artists.
Special thanks to Matt Evans & James Sidlo for all the behind the scenes support and artist hospitality. It was epic.
*apologies for a couple of missed videos: Brian & Chanel at CHUMC, Liz Ruvalcaba at The Friendly Spot, Quasar Cycles at El Luchador (not my fault - dude pulled the plug on the camera; very sorry to only have gotten 3 minutes of a very cool set), Polysynthfusion at CHUMC (at least I got the gospel tune!)
Katie Martin - Alabama
12 videos - singer/songwriter
The Winkler - Houston, Texas
5 videos - guitar Ambient
Thawind Mills - Austin, Texas
5 videos - Singer/Songwriter
[stagename] - iffin, Ohio
9 videos - beatboxer/singer
Quasar Cycles - Austin, Texas
1 video - guitar instrumental
Carlos Ramos - Costa Rica
2 videos - guitar songs/ambient
Breaking Light - Fort Worth, Texas
2 videos guitar - ambient
Rejyna - Los Angeles, California
5 videos - guitar prog rock
Violoncheloops - Guadalajara, Mexico
18 videos - cello, songs/ambient/collaborations
Pedeplei - Mexico City, Mexico
13 videos - IPAD - electronic, ambient, collaborations
Jimmy Loops - La Fortuna, Costa Rica
13 videos - guitar, pop/original songs
GrooveTronX - San Antonio, Texas
5 videos Looping duo - sax/guitar nujazz
Widespread Noise - San Antonio, Texas
1 video - noise drone thing/kaoss pad
Nothing Chief - San Antonio, Texas
3 videos - indie rock band
Markus K - Holland
6 videos - guitar rock songs
Lizeth Ruvalcaba - Guadalajara, Mexico
16 videos - vocal, songs
Daves Device - San Antonio, Texas
4 videos - IPAD electronic music
James Sidlo - San Antonio, Texas
1 video Guitar - ambient
This Is Where Two Oceans Meet - San Antonio, Texas
4 videos - guitar indie shoegaze
Polysynthfusion - San Antonio, Texas
3 videos - theramin/homemade electronics
Brian and Chanel - Rockwall, Texas
5 videos - guitar/drums rock duo
Deferlow - Austin, Texas
1 video - bass/video game controllers electronic avant garde