The videos for the Rocky Mountain LoopFest are posted.   As always, here's the entire playlist - 26 videos

This was an interesting line-up of talent.  They are largely phrase loopers with the exception of The Electric Noodle.  Although Robert Matheson doesn't exactly fit nicely into either category and is always an interesting and enjoyable performer.   I do hope you can watch some of all the performers as we were unable to live stream it.

Here's the individuals:

Thawind Mills - guitar/vocals, 4 videos

Josie Quick - violin,  4 videos

The Electric Noodle - guitar, 1 video

Christopher Ryan - guitar/vocals/percussion, 3 videos

Noah Peterson - sax, 3 videos

Subtleties - guitar/drums, 3 videos

Mister Tim - vocal, 5 videos

Robert Matheson - bass, 4 videos