The Northwest LoopFest

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Thanks for a great Fest!  Videos are being posted

Tyler Carson
Professor Slicebox
Arbor Daze
Tim Scallon
Riley Tyrel Carter
Rock Forming Mineral - Eugene, OR
PhiloPhobia - Corvallis, OR
Jet Black Pearl
Saundra's Electric Night Life
Bodarc - Seattle, WA
litmus0001 - Vancouver, WA
Mandoman – Osaka, Japan
Daves Device – San Antonio, TX

Tyler Carson from Portland, OR - High energy danceable original music drawing from 20+ years of professional performance in Celtic, bluegrass, rock, pop jazz and classical genres. I've played in many countries around the world and moved to Portland recently. I currently hold a residency at The Rookery Bar on Thursday nights doing my solo loop show. In concert K often also include the addition of intuitive dance by my wife in which her movement changes my music and we become a musical duet.

Professor Slicebox from Portland, OR - Psychedelic alt-rock that is 100% live loop based. Not a single note is pre-recorded or sequenced. Really enjoyed playing at Loopfest last year and have revamped my setup with some fancy new toys to show off.

Arbor Daze from Portland, OR - I'm a local Portland musician. I play kinda primal, ambient music using my guitar and a loop pedal to slowly build soundscapes around my vocal melodies. The looper allows me to experiment with different sounds my guitar can make - even percussion! While I may not be the flashiest performer at the Fest (my set up is pretty minimalist) I think my set will still be captivating as I take the audience on a journey exploring themes of death, grief and the sometimes strange feeling of trying to be a functioning human being in this world.

Tim Scallon from Seattle, WA - I perform live looping with guitar synth and iPad. I like to mix songs, improvisation and soundscapes in my performances. We’ll see what surprises this performance will bring.

Riley Tyrel Carter  from Boardman OR - Live looping of both electric and acoustic guitars. All songs are original. Both ambient and aggressive, a mixture of rock, blues and jazz influence.

Rock Forming Mineral from Eugene, OR - I play Turkish Saz through effects and looper to create Rock-Oriented Landscapes. All sounds produced live. Improvised Composition/Composed Improvisation.

PhiloPhobia from Corvallis, OR - I loop melodies and layers for songs that are controlled by the drums. Some songs I use my phone to create percussion loops. Lots of crowd participation and high energy.

Saundra's Electric Night Life from Newport, OR. Saundra's Electric Night Life brings an edgy and playful sound covering 90s bands like Modest Mouse, Nirvana, and Beck then switching to some 60s and 70s with some Beach Boys or America.  Also gutsy and soulful original music all arranged around the Boss RC 300 Loop Station.  Plenty of guitar looping, percussion and vocal stacking makes for a very entertaining show!

Jet Black Pearl from Portland, OR - This fabulous accordion diva from the port of Amsterdam has performed on more than a thousand stages all over Europe and the USA West Coast while singing, rapping and beat boxing about slugs in love, criminal gurus and hallucinating butterflies. Could Nina Hagen and Tom Waits have a secret daughter, born in Caravan Palace?

litmus0001 from Vancouver, WA - Basically, Robert Fripp X Tangerine Dream X Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Bodarc from Seattle, WA. Acoustic guitar layers, harmonies, beats made with guitar, occasional beatbox and kalimba. Very dreamy stuff.

ICONOPLASTY from Ashland OR - I live-loop drums, guitar, and keyboards simultaneously, layering riffs and sound elements into songs until one of those elements takes over and becomes the foundation for a new series of layers, and then I repeat that process. Depending on the gig, that can be either scripted or improvised. It's similar to how DJs blend phrases and samples for a never-ending flow of music, but I do everything live, without pre-existing samples or loops. When the venue permits, I project video while I play.

Mandoman from Osaka, Japan - Hideki Nakanishi is a luthier and ambient looper from Osaka, Japan. His otherworldly loops are created from his own handmade mandolins. His music evokes stillness, beauty, and seriousness. While somewhat tonal at times, Hideki also builds epic layers of effects to create huge washes of sounds.

Daves Device from San Antonio, TX - iPad looping, pseudo-DJing

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2016 NW LoopFest Concert Footage:

Tyler Carson, Saundra's Electric Night Life, Professor Slicebox, Arbor Daze, Tim Scallon

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2015 NW LoopFest Concert Footage:

Blake DeGraw, Eric Muhs, The Electric Noodle, Quiet Horn, Mark Hamburg, Troll Foot Frass, FreshFX, Timothy Scallon, Son Fish, Noah Peterson, Lexhart, MC Space Cadet, Steve Uccello, Frederick Brummer, Cindy Sawprano, Waffle Taco, thisissami, Daniel J. Davis, Riley Tyrel Carter, Canzino, Chrome Mole MonocleProfessor Slicebox, Group Loop

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2014 NW LoopFest Concert Footage:

Mark Hamburg, Jean-Paul De Roover, Lucid Brain Integrative Project, Richie Dagger's Crime, Daniel J. Davis, Cian, Mandoman, Mr. Tim, Rejyna, Per Boysen, Ted Killian, Eric Buchner, David Kollar and Paola Raineri, Just Alliance, Consumer, thisissami, Noah Peterson, Noise Agency

Videos of 2013 NW LoopFest performers:

Noah Peterson, Lucid Brain Integrative Project, Consumer, Ben Beauvais, Polemic Contriver, Eastside Industrial, Tukso Okey, Rejyna Douglass-Whitman, ANI, Stephen Briggs, Bill Walker, Gideon Freudmann, Forever Growing, Moongriffin, Cellotronik, Isaac Thompson, Christopher Ingold, Clifford Dunn, Eric Muhs, The Genie

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