2017 NW LoopFest Concert Footage:

Noah PetersonStargasm, Twenty Three Suns, Luthor Maggot, Waffle Taco, Nathan North

Saundra's Electric Nightlife - Newport, OR
Gordo - Phoenix, AZ
John Firshi - Sandpoint, ID
PhiloPhobia - Corvallis, OR
Brothers - Lewiston, ID
Playboy Smooth - Corvallis, OR
Jessie Davis  - Brooklyn, NY

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2017 Performing Artists:

Saundra's Electric Nightlife Saundra's Electric Night Life brings an edgy and playful sound covering 90s bands like Modest Mouse, Nirvana, and Beck then switching to some 60s and 70s with some Beach Boys or America. Also gutsy and soulful original music all arranged around the Boss RC 300 Loop Station. Plenty of guitar looping, percussion and vocal stacking makes for a very entertaining show!

John FirshiI use my acoustic guitar to do live looping. The video I have sent is an example of how I use the looper to carry on the chord progression while I add melodic guitar leads.

Playboy SmoothI improvise and include the crowd as much as possible. So that they fell like they are part of the performance.

Gordo - I build full songs using three seperate Boss RC series loop stations. I use a Roland RD 700GX keyboard to create and loop my own drum beats into a Boss RC1 stereo loop station, which are then routed into the "Master" RC300. From there, I layer in Rhythm & Lead guitar, Bass, Keys (piano, organ, strings, horns, percussion, etc.), Harmonica, Mandolin (depending on song), and Harmony vocals. The songs are "built" from the ground up, completely live, as I perform, sing, and mix on the fly.

Twenty Three SunsAmbient, progressive, psychedelic loop based sound sculptures sounding a bit like, early Pink Floyd, Eno's ambient and progressive works, and the early Krautrock bands (Cluster, Harmonia, Neu, etc)

Waffle Taco - Kyle Linneman (trumpet, electronics) and Ben Beauvais (bass, vocals, electronics) blend Jazz, funk, and trip hop  together in an aurally, weirdly delicious offering of sounds.

BrothersA show full of energy created by two best friends. Playing for the love of
playing, hitting on a dynamic subsonic range of Frequencies. A two piece band that uses a loop pedal to flow and create live.

Nathan NorthAll acoustic one man loop band. I use a cajon, Martin acoustic guitar, melodica, and a variable plethora of percussion instruments to create a full band sound.  I have two albums out available world wide, and I also perform cover songs.

PhiloPhobia - One man alternative post rock band.

Luthor Maggot - Luthor Maggot has been spewing electronic music & loops since the early 1970s, originally with Tandberg & Revox reel to reels.  In the mid-70s he was Office Manager for the US importer of EMS synths and also sold large Moog modulars to schools & Universities.  A founding member of agit-pop punk dub band, The Scientific Americans, he performed with numerous tape loop devices, a Synthi AKS & MiniMoog.  The band ran an indie label, booking agency, sound company, and recording studio all under the imprint of Tekno Tunes.  He has also recorded with Elliott Sharp, Human Error, and WKGB.  Recent performances include the Stanford University Day Of Noise festival, Robotspeak Church of The Super Serge in San Francisco, and the Sonic Lodge series in Portland. He now resides in Corvallis, OR, where he spends his retirement playing live music, providing small PAs, Synth DIY meetings, and assisting the local Noise music scene.

Jessie DavisLive looping, beat boxing, and vocal stacking weaved into live instrumentals and beat sampling.

 Concert footage of previous festivals

2016 NW LoopFest Concert Footage:

Tyler Carson, Saundra's Electric Night Life, Professor Slicebox, Arbor Daze, Tim Scallon, Jet Black Pearl, Riley Tyrel Carter, PhiloPhobia, Bodarc Bestvina, litmus0001, Iconoplasty, Mandoman, Rock Forming Mineral, Daves Device

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2015 NW LoopFest Concert Footage:

Blake DeGraw, Eric Muhs, The Electric Noodle, Quiet Horn, Mark Hamburg, Troll Foot Frass, FreshFX, Timothy Scallon, Son Fish, Noah Peterson, Lexhart, MC Space Cadet, Steve Uccello, Frederick Brummer, Cindy Sawprano, Waffle Taco, thisissami, Daniel J. Davis, Riley Tyrel Carter, Canzino, Chrome Mole MonocleProfessor Slicebox, Group Loop  

2015 Sponsors: Beatbuddy

2014 NW LoopFest Concert Footage:

Mark Hamburg, Jean-Paul De Roover, Lucid Brain Integrative Project, Richie Dagger's Crime, Daniel J. Davis, Cian, Mandoman, Mr. Tim, Rejyna, Per Boysen, Ted Killian, Eric Buchner, David Kollar and Paola Raineri, Just Alliance, Consumer, thisissami, Noah Peterson, Noise Agency

Videos of 2013 NW LoopFest performers:

Noah Peterson, Lucid Brain Integrative Project, Consumer, Ben Beauvais, Polemic Contriver, Eastside Industrial, Tukso Okey, Rejyna Douglass-Whitman, ANI,Stephen Briggs, Bill Walker, Gideon Freudmann, Forever Growing, Moongriffin, Cellotronik, Isaac Thompson, Christopher Ingold, Clifford Dunn, Eric Muhs, The Genie

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What's What?

What is live looping?  Live looping is artists using hardware/software technologies to instantly record and playback sound.  Born from the experimental efforts of early pioneers with magnetic tape and sound recording devices, "Loopers" have expanded into every music genre and into performance art. What I have assembled at this festival are performers who are passionate and serious about their music and their technology.  They are there for you to enjoy and appreciate.  Support them, buy a recording, make a donation below.  We hope you'll come on board and see how incredible looping is.