The thing about the wrap up is it's own impossibility.  Over 8,000 miles driven, 36 shows, 7 weeks on the the road, 1 TV show appearance, 2 radio spots, a handful of articles in print and online, hours and hours of concert footage shot, tons of friends seen, hit a jam or two, MANY songs played, a couple of recording sessions and lots of fun.  It really was something special.  Most of the loopfests were streamed online, we expanded into 3 new cities, the line-ups were better than ever, logistics went as smooth as could be hoped for and we overcame some very serious challenges.  Kick-ass!

Once again it was a seriously life-impacting adventure.  The people I met, the music I heard, the music I played, new friends, old friends, fans of all kinds, recorded some music, and even got hit on a couple of times - guess I ain't that old and ugly! The weather was perfect, which was good since I forgot my tire chains.  The gas got cheaper as I went and my school show is coming together quite nicely. 

I don't really know how to summarize it all. It's beyond words.  The majesty of the American landscape as it flys by the windows of my BandVan is beyond description.  I spent many hours in stunned silence at the grandeur and immensity of it.  The creativity of my fellow loopers AGAIN put my jaw on the floor and my mind in a state of wonder.  It really was extraordinary.  And, while I can firmly say, the highlight (for me) was the 2nd night of the SoCal LoopFest I do have two loopfests left to go.  Pretty amazing - for those of you that came to the shows or watched them online - awesome.  Thank you - for you who didn't -go to YouTube and watch the playback!