Wow...all caught up.  Getting ahead.  Trying to get back to playing, writing and making some music.  That's not to say I'm neglecting my artists and videos.  Got another 10 videos or so up this week. And very busy with my acts. Having a good time though.  Took the "day" day yesterday and gig some house work.  Cleaned out my water tanks which seem to be functioning perfectly.  Busted out some concrete steps, replaced some rotten wood steps, did some car maintenance.  All good things.  Good my kitty on my lap and working on videos right now.  Waiting for them to convert and upload.  Two more and it's yard work and practice time.  Got a little guitar practice in for the first time in weeks as well.  That's all new and strange to me still.  Wait, wait wait....these little machines have to do their work.

Waiting for emails and phone calls to be returned.  Waiting to hear back if gigs are going to happen.  Waiting to hear if San Antonio if bringing my LoopFest into Luminaria.   That last one is enough to give me an ulcer.  Waiting to see how many radio stations are going to spin Emmett's new CD.  So much....yikes.

I put everything I got into this stuff.  But there are many wheels to turn and they all move at their own pace.  In the meantime, I grab another project and get going instead of treading water.  Got a lot of waiting that's tearing me up a little on the inside though.  Back to it!!!