Can't believe it's been almost a month since a blog'd think carving a few minutes out here or there would be pretty doable.  Anyway...projects are having some small success.  Roots is getting picked up here and there for some airplay - pretty stoked about that. Got a another 3 videos up including One Eighty Six Ninety One: The Money  by O.M.N.I.  which is a huge amount of fun.  Got a few shows, been hitting things hard in the office for my artists and doing some late nights.   Sadly, the neighborhood has had a bad week.  Lots of cops and emergency vehicles this week. I guess they have been saving it all up for the past couple of months and are dumping it out in a short time period.  That crap really needs to stop. 

I'm still not used to my wife's new work schedule.  She gets up waaaay to early now.  I had a usual night - after 1am before coming to bed.  My cat normally wakes me up by pouncing on my feet and belly because he thinks 6am is playtime in the bed.  After that subsided, I hear my sweetie getting ready to go and out the door she goes.  I doze off and wake up thinking man I should really get up, the day is slipping away, there's a bunch to do, I so tired from this week, I have to pee... I get up, get cleaned up, go grab my coffee and look at the time, it's 8:03am.  I was thinking it was about 10:30.  Suffice to say, I'm all caught up for today and going to do some "extras" and get ahead a little bit.  That's always awesome.