Well howdy-doody...  Haven't really been feeling like myself lately.  Mostly it's because I've been tricked.  I moved to Texas for sun and heat.  Yet this spring has been dark and wet.  No sun, no heat.  It's like I'm back in Portland but it's 30 degrees warmer.   Really makes it tough to do anything. I get moody, depressed, I waste my time, I can't get things done.  It's terrible.  I don't know how I lasted 18 years in Oregon.  I do know I really NEED to see some freakin' sun though.  I'm going crazy...  If it would dry out I could finish putting my garden in and get to some home repairs, but that's not looking good.  My chicken coup was supposed to have been done months ago.  That hasn't happened yet either. Damn this weather!

When the sun shines - it literally powers me.  I'm happy, energetic, aggressive, ready to rock and roll.  I've been listless for weeks and weeks.  God help me if those clouds don't go away soon.  The only saving grace is the temperature is in the 70s and 80s.  Not cool.  I feel bad for my wife.  I try to keep this crap to myself and man-up, but daaaaaaaamn...  I really have to have sunshine.  It's no joke.  No way I'm going on meds or anything like that.  I just need this freak Texas monsoon season to fuck off and die.  My photo-sensitive outdoor light has not shut off for 3 days straight. WTF is that!?!?!

Despite my personal issues, progress is being made.  About to pop out some new releases, which I'm grateful for.  LoopFests are rolling and for the first time ever, not eating up my entire life!  My darling wife actually complimented me on how much time we've been spending together even though I'm busier that I've ever been in Texas.  That rocks.  Hanging out with her does brighten me up quite a bit.  I should stop whining and be grateful for that. 

Just had a little feature done on me locally - you can see it here: www.celebratemusicsa.com/noah-peterson.html

I've also jumped back into teaching for the first time in over a decade.  Guess what?  I really like it!  First time ever I've enjoyed it.  Maybe it's just because I have a good student.  Maybe I've finally matured and mellowed....strike that, maybe I've just matured enough to be able to deal with kids.  

Sometimes I just need a place to dump my baggage.  This blog is it.

Anyway - got a show tonight.  Got the hilarious and great Aldo Caldo coming down from Austin to do his thing at my residency gig.  He's gonna be great.  I'm going to try and crawl inside the music and hide inside some loops for a couple of hours until he shows up.

Here's hoping summer comes sooner than later!