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Lots of Texas LoopFest videos are up!  Check 'em out:  And a few new Noah Peterson vids as well.  Pretty quiet for the most part.  Doing a lot of home repairs and starting to do preliminary work for the festival season...  I've also been doing a lot of catalog updating and chasing down royalties aka "label work."   Some of that has been fruitful, got a new revenue stream opened up and hopefully will unclog some plugs in the system for other recordings.  Slow going and a lot of work.  But it's getting done.  

Last month's recap:  August was an adventure.  Ended up with a fair amount of professional networking via conferences and workshops.  It was nice to reconnect with some folks from around the city and meet new folks from around the state.  Had a sweet gig at the Ferrari dealership for the new model reveal and jammed with a GREAT DJ from Austin.  

What's on deck?  More of the same for this month.   Should have the Texas LoopFest videos finished and posted, got some new live tracks I hope to have edited, other new videos will be going up, and I'm resurrecting The Noah Peterson Soul-Tet!   Should be fun times a'comin.  

GrooveTronX: "Jam Skate" is out digitally!  And we've got some live tracks of the NEW set coming.  Here's a video from The Texas LoopFest  Facebook  Spotify  

Noah Peterson Solo Sax Sessions every third Friday at Sanchos from 7 to 9pm.  And jazz combos are coming back for public and private shows! Here's a new Solo Sax Sessions Video.  Here's a live performance video from The Noah Peterson Soul-Tet.  And a NEW track - Funky Stuff.  Facebook  Spotify

O.M.N.I.: All's quiet with O.M.N.I.  Zach picked up a movie job with a tight turnaround.  He'll be back to work on this project soon. Facebook   Spotify

River BaronsLive shows Sept 5th at The Lonesome Rose - 10pm, Sept 26th at The Aquaduck - 8pm  Facebook  Spotify

Widespread Noise: "Concrete" on Spotify.   Facebook  Spotify

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  • 3rd Fridays at Sanchos Cantina with the Solo Sax Sessions - 801 Jackson St. in San Antonio, TX

Top Ten tracks on Spotify: Ambient Space Sounds captures almost all of the top ten spots for August.  I really enjoyed making that recording and am continually surprised by how much play it gets.

  1. The Ballad of Daniel Proud - River Barons
  2. Pulsar (with Chatter) - Noah Peterson: Ambient Space Sounds
  3. Pulsar - Noah Peterson: Ambient Space Sounds
  4. Elegant Space Noise - Noah Peterson: Ambient Space Sounds
  5. Deep Space - Noah Peterson: Ambient Space Sounds
  6. The Return - Noah Peterson: Ambient Space Sounds
  7. Uncertainty - Noah Peterson: Ambient Space Sounds
  8. Hope - Noah Peterson: Ambient Space Sounds
  9. Anxiety - Noah Peterson: Ambient Space Sounds
  10. No Escape - Noah Peterson: Ambient Space Sounds
  11. Hope - Noah Peterson: Ambient Space Sounds

Top Ten Videos on Youtube:

  1. Noah Peterson - i sing the sax electric live at Halcyon
  2. Los #3 Dinners: Take a Walk on the Wild Side
  3. Boomerang Factory Tour
  4. Dr. Wax & Sax - Coming In Hot
  5. La Chichada - Rose in Your Mouth
  6. Spiritus by Cosmic Dust
  7. I Just Can't Believe It - Noah Peterson & Emmett Wheatfall
  8. Dr. Wax & Sax - Hit Me
  9. Violoncheloops at The Friendly Spot: Closing Selection
  10. Journey by Cosmic Dust

Shows - Grab yer calendars and dancin' shoes! 

Noah Peterson – Solo Sax Sessions
Mon, Sept 2, 12-4pm
San Antonio International Airport 

River Barons 
Thur, Sept 5th, 10pm
The Lonesome Rose
2114 N. St. Mary's, San Antonio, TX

The Noah Peterson Trio 
Tue, Sept 17th, 11am-2pm
Eat and Play at Travis Park
301 East Travis St.  Park, San Antonio TX

Noah Peterson - Solo Sax Sessions
Sanchos Cantina
Fri, Sept 20, 7-9pm
628 Jackson St, San Antonio, TX

River Barons
Thur Sept 26, 8pm
The Aquaduck
9241 Espada Road, San Antonio, TX