This has not been a good stretch of time.  Totally getting the shaft these days.  Fortunately, I know it won't last but daaaaaamn this is no fun.  Music stuff taking a hit, domestic stuff taking a hit - thank God for my good wife (whose actually been out of town) that keeps me grounded.  rather than take the opportunity to push things whilst I have an open schedule, I opted to stay home and lick my wounds.  Of course, since my stove crapped out it wasn't exactly comforting myself with hot foods - or coffee.  My home warranty company has yet to deliver a repairman to get that fixed.  Can't say I'm thrilled about that.  Nothing like not having a have stove for 4 days.  We'll see what happens come Monday, but I'm guessing a big, fat nothing.  Went to a union meeting and to see what was going on with Local 23.  Nothing but a bunch of white dinosaurs too dumb to know they were already extinct.  I don't get it, it you're in San Antonio and there's nothing but white people in the room, you're in the wrong room.  Don't mistake me, I don't give two shits about racial anything - but San Antonio is a Mexican town.  If you don't have some (and it really should be a majority of) Mexicans in the room, you don't have an adequate representation of population.  And, once again, with the possible exception of one female, I was the yougest in the room by at least a decade and I'm over 40.  For those of you who think of things like "future" and "sustainability" and "growth" this is why I used the word dinosaur. Over and done.  So futile, it's not worth talking about.

At least I got a tiny project done around the house and put some videos and booked some tour gigs.  The Please Help is done with their Florida tour and high-tailing it for it home with one cancelled gig and they fell short of the fundraising goal - but I think we can still pull everything off from what we pulled in.  Still need to debrief with Phil after he gets back. 

I am thinking I want to keep the label focused on dead copyright.  Far less headache and I have full power to do what's needed. That does make it faster, easier and more profitable.  

It's safe to say my honeymoon with San Antonio is officially over.  Probably for the best. I need to strap it on and get down to some serious business instead of fiddle-farting around.  Not to say I haven't been productive, but I'm a little demoralized and that's quite a statement coming from me.  It's times like these when I treasure the best thing in my life and it sure as shit ain't music.  I pick my lovely wife up from the airport tonight, it'll be good to have her home.  I need my partner.  Usually I enjoy the time apart, but it's been so many ass-kickings in such a short period of time that I've barely been drinking and just going to bed early trying to get up and get it done the next day. I keep going by force of habit and that fact that I'm just not one to give in.  I was having a conversation with a great looper, James Sidlo, before our gig the other night.  He said I must get a lot of fulfillment out of doing music full time and putting on my festivals.  I told him, if I did for that I would have killed myself from a broken heart a long time ago.  I get zero fulfillment from this.  Ups and downs.  When you work for yourself, especially in the arts, the ups and downs are very extreme. Unlike a day job, money follows those ups and downs.  You can have a bad week at work and you're still getting a paycheck.  I have a couple of bad weeks and it's not just my mental state that suffers.  It's my bank account, my future, all of my work.  Fortunately, I've been doing this long enough to know I'll get through it.  That's why I've been going to bed early, trying to rush the cycle along.  Things will pick up when my sweetie gets here.  She'll have a shitload of things for me to do and get my up and going and she'll be there to help me.  Looking forward to having her pull me outta this.