Well...here it is.  I'm about to do it again.  Another crazy giant trip around the country.  This is going to be a wacky adventure.  Not really sure how it's all going to play out yet, but it should be awesome.  I'm better prepared than I have ever been for these fests.   Last year was incredibly hard.  This year was no picnic, but so much easier.  I feel very good about things.   Got some press, got some sponsorship, got some amazing talent, good venues, ready to go with video, webpages are rocking... should be great.  Literally all I have left to do is continue my last email campaign, try to get on TV, and pass out flyers.  That's it.   This should be a lot of fun, I'm going to see old friends and music makers.    All kinds of little things are about to pop this week. I'm hoping they all make a difference. 

Make it or break it.



2015-09-18 22:22:49 - Way to get your loop on
Checked out your interview for Time Warner, http://www.twcnews.com/tx/austin/lifestyles/2015/09/15/live-looping--one-man-band-takes-a-techno-turn.html