At long last I'm doing the "new" website.  Yahoo hosting was okay; but I kept having some tech difficulties with updating so it was time to move it over to a new system that integrated everything. No more having to go to myspace to read my blog posts.  (Yay!)  Here's just a little one to get the ball rolling.  I'm sure the site will be having some changes done to it in the next couple of weeks as I figure out how to do things here.

In the meantime - got my Florida tour coming up basically now!  yee-haw, working on 3 live looping festivals Seattle, Portland and San Antonio, got 2 recording sessions coming up and a big fall tour.  And I'm doing 3 days a week at Six Flags Fiesta Texas and I'm loving all of it. 

See you soon - let me know what you think of the new site!